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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by scotrace, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Well, she has had the vaccination (in a country and at a time when they didn't regularly give out vaccination cards) so no need to double up.

  2. Ah, OK. I guess I assumed from the way you phrased it that she hadn't been vaccinated. I'm required all sorts of vaccines for international travel, and carry a card with my passport. I've actually been asked to produce it a couple of times.

    On a side note, vaccines are generally good for around 10 years. If it's been longer than that since you were vaxxed, you need it again.
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    Most of mine are about forty years out of date then, which is probably true of most people over fifty.

    As far as mercury goes, I've got a mouth full of old mercury amalgam fillings which haven't killed me yet, and I'd be more worried about those than I'd be about vaccinations from half a century ago. I'd even be more worried about the mercury in my tuna fish sandwich.
  4. Once you reach a certain age, and it's different for different vaccines, you don't need them anyway. People over the age of 50 are probably pretty safe, unless they need it for a specific reason, such as traveling to a region where a certain disease is known to be present and of a high risk.

    You should be. Fish are (is?) the single biggest mercury exposure risk to humans. By a lot.
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    See, this absolutely terrifies me. I use a drop-in daycare for my daughter at our local YMCA. I originally used it so that she could be watched while I was going through cancer treatment; as do a ton of others who are going through cancer treatment. The idea that one of those people could die during treatment because they got measles from an unvaxxed child irritates the hell out of me.

    Also- what sort of parent takes a child to a developing nation without being vaccinated (that can be vaccinated)? *Adults* are supposed to get extra vaccinations before traveling to Kenya, and children are supposed to even more so.

    I fully understand some people can't be vaccinated because of allergies, but it states even in the article most of the people were afraid of Autism.
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    My own view is that if someone acquires an infection resulting in a serious disease that could have been prevented as result of standard vaccination, an action in tort lies. Someone suffering such a consequence is reasonably foreseeable when the duty to exercise reasonable care and caution exists- the opportunity to vaccinate. In other words: sue the bastards.

    A few multi-million dollar verdicts against these anti-vax nitwits would send the message loud and clear that this isn't just about little Johnny getting his shots. If I didn't have my dogs inoculated against rabies and somebody's kid died as result of my negligence, you can be darn sure that I'd risk everything I have worked years for as a result, and I'd be a fool to expect sympathy from any sane individual.
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    If the tuna came from the Pacific you can stop worrying about the mercury. The radioactivity will kill you first.
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    Yeah, after March 2011 that glow in the ocean isn't necessarily marine phosphorescence. :D

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