Discussion in 'Hats' started by RBH, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    It seems to have acquired a bit of a tan over the years. :cool:

    To my mind the brim curl gives it a hint of a "sombrero" look, but I like it that way and I think it really suits you. Looks like it's in really good condition; I wouldn't even have noticed the "small flaws in the brim edge" if you hadn't mentioned them, and even after it made no difference. Nice!
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  2. ETBass

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    I am getting ready for summer in the Deep South. I have a nice Panama hat but I came across the Sunbody's today and I ordered one that I like the look of and it appears to be named after someone on the site. RB Hathcock?
  3. Beef

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    Denver, CO
    Excellent choice. I have one of the "Outlaw" hats. It has become my favorite summer hat. It's a little on the heavy side, but I love how it looks.
  4. Rmccamey

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    Central Texas
  5. Yes tip a hat to RBH, our hat section bartender.
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  6. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck Call Me a Cab

    I remember when this style came up. One of the custom hat makers from the Midwest said the most common work he did was reshaping Stetson Open roads to have the Gus crease. Looks good.
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  7. Just A Hat Rack

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    Buckeye Nation
    Its got me curious too. Reshaping requires soaking the straw, so I wonder if these hats aren't very water friendly? It also mentions that there's a wire for shaping the brim. That also makes me think that changing the crown may affect the integrity of the straw and crown structure, or being able to truly rid the hat of its previous crease. Kind of like trying to recrease a factory creased fur hat.
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  8. ETBass

    ETBass One of the Regulars

    @johnnycanuck I came across these yesterday online and was happy to see a thread here on them. I read through the thread last night and people that have them(Sunbody hats) seem to like them and say they are great in the rain which is important where I live. After seeing some of the people that posted in the thread who are serious about hats saying they were decent hats I decided to give one a try. I saw a couple of Akubra owners relate them to Akubra's as being a quality product for the money. Can't wait to get it and give it a whirl.
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