The wonder of wedding bands

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by tonyb, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. sheeplady

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    When my husband's grandmother was alive, she told my husband and I that we could have anything we wanted from her house, as long as she was not using it. My husband asked her for a drawing that had been made of their house. They had won a fundraising auction to have a high school student create a drawing of their home in the 1970s. She took the drawing right off her dining room wall and marched out to our car and shoved it in.

    It is one of my favorite pictures. His grandmother told me (right before her death) that I could call her grandma (I lost my last grandmother at age 12) and she was the kindest person. One of my favorite memories of her and it taught me a life lesson: give away your things while alive, to make sure people get what is important to them.
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  2. sheeplady

    sheeplady I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I just want to post a reminder that gentlemen are the guests of us ladies in this space.

    Behave like gentlemen or get the boot.
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  3. AmateisGal

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    I have a 1940s vintage wedding band set. I love it. Unfortunately, I need to sell it because the creep cheated on me and I need the money. If anyone's interested, I've listed it in the classifieds section.
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    I have a 1940s wedding ring set and love it. I love it symbolizes the love for my husband (I'm a romantic). When I used to work full-time with the public, even though I wore my set, I would still get hit on by men. I don't get it.

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