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The Worth Of A Penny


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See a penny, pick it up,
and all the day, you’ll have……
………a penny in your pocket.

For, after all, a penny saved,
is just a penny,
and it won’t buy much
of anything.

But, if you find twenty-five
pennies, you’ll have
two bits.

For, as we all know,
two bits, four bits,
six bits, a dollar.

And, what can you do,
with a dollar?
Go downtown
and holler.

You know downtown,
where all the lights are bright.
But everything
costs more than a dollar,
so you might just and stay
home, and holler.

So, back to the title,
what’s a penny worth?
It’s worth a penny,
although it costs
almost three cents
to make.

That makes no cents.
And have you thought
about the nickel?
It costs ten and a half cents
to make.
and, you can’t find a
nickelodeon to put it in.

Come to think
about it,
see a penny,
leave it lie,
‘cause it really, truly
is a lie.​
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