Thedi Horsehide Cafe Racer (~size 38 - 40), $400 Shipped

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    Gorgeous jacket I got a few years back that I really love. It just fits a bit too trim for me now so I rarely reach for it. The horsehide is a nice medium thickness and not overly stiff, similar to vicenza, maybe slightly thinner. It's nicely broken in and the grain and creasing is fantastic. The fit is nice and trim with high armholes. The jacket was originally dark brown, but it was overdyed with black very soon after I gotten it so it's a warm black color.

    The jacket is in great condition with just a couple of small issues. The piping near the bottom of the zipper is a bit frayed, but it's not very noticeable. The fabric at the bottom of the zipper was separating a little bit, but I put some glue on it and I haven't had any issues with it in years. The liner on the jacket is in good condition with no rips or any other issues.

    Measurement (inches)

    Chest: 20 3/4
    Shoulder: 18
    Arm Length: ~25
    Back: 23 3/4 (the back is short than the front)

    Price: $400, I'll also pay for the PP fees and shipping

    Let me know if you have questions, I'm open for offers! I'm just a lurker on this site, but I am a frequent Ebay and Grailed user. I can also be reached at

    IMG_0458 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0459 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0460 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0461 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0463 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0464 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0465 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0466 (Medium).JPEG IMG_0735.jpeg
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    Sent you an email!
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