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Tilley Hat - Cancer Warning

de Stokesay

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i have had the canvas model Tilley before, but they were quite hot. I eventually replaced it with one of their hemp models and I really like it - cool and breathable but great sun protection.

I believe that Alex Tilley retired and sold his company a couple of years ago, and unfortunately it sounds like the customer service has gone the way I expected it would.

While hats with big brims are great, if you're really concerned with melanoma, you would be well advised to use a high SPF sunscreen as well as a hat. Due to glare from pavement, water, &c., a hat isn't necessarily enough on its own, no matter how wide the brim.

Best of luck in finding a protective sunhat, and stay safe.


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Must be a troll. If the OP had done some simple due diligence before purchasing, he could have avoided the whole issue. Second, he takes issue with marketing-speak but then does the same thing himself;
Just a word of warning about Tilley hats: the new ones could give you cancer.
While anything "could happen", let's deal with what is probable. New Tilly hats do not give you cancer. The light/UV that penetrates any head covering (or lack thereof) is responsible for the cancer, not the hat. Given the choice between a mesh Tilly hat and no hat at all, I'll take the Tilly every time!

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