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Discussion in 'Hats' started by BaldingBonce, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. BryanB

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    This company from Sweden seems to have a decent boonie style sun hat.


    I wanted to get the khaki, but now I've read that light color clothes block less UV light.

    https://healthcare.utah.edu/huntsmancancerinstitute/news/2017/what-clothing-is-best-for-protecting-the-skin.php#:~:text=Darker colors absorb more UV,protective than a pale one.

    Any thoughts from you guys on khaki as an effective enough color for sun protection?

    I walk everywhere I go, usually in the afternoon, and live in the middle east, some im very conscious of UV protection.
  2. BryanB

    BryanB One of the Regulars

  3. johnnycanuck

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    It’s the mesh and grommet holes in the Tilley hats that let the light thru unfiltered. If you like the T3 go for it. It was the first Tilley I owned and still like it. If you want something cool maybe try the Hemp model
    hemp is naturally sun resistant, mildew resistant and quick drying. It’s light weight and has a looser weave that allows air flow compared to the duck cotton. Just a thought. Let us know what you choose.
  4. de Stokesay

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    The wilds of Western Canada
    i have had the canvas model Tilley before, but they were quite hot. I eventually replaced it with one of their hemp models and I really like it - cool and breathable but great sun protection.

    I believe that Alex Tilley retired and sold his company a couple of years ago, and unfortunately it sounds like the customer service has gone the way I expected it would.

    While hats with big brims are great, if you're really concerned with melanoma, you would be well advised to use a high SPF sunscreen as well as a hat. Due to glare from pavement, water, &c., a hat isn't necessarily enough on its own, no matter how wide the brim.

    Best of luck in finding a protective sunhat, and stay safe.
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  5. Rmccamey

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    Must be a troll. If the OP had done some simple due diligence before purchasing, he could have avoided the whole issue. Second, he takes issue with marketing-speak but then does the same thing himself;
    While anything "could happen", let's deal with what is probable. New Tilly hats do not give you cancer. The light/UV that penetrates any head covering (or lack thereof) is responsible for the cancer, not the hat. Given the choice between a mesh Tilly hat and no hat at all, I'll take the Tilly every time!
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  6. BryanB

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    The black canvas tilley t3 wander is hot, but I can bear it. In Israel you're going to be uncomfortable in the summer no matter what. The khaki is noticably cooler and more comfortable, but it's sizzling out and you're just a bit less uncomfortable. I'm from Buffalo but lived in Phoenix which is similar.

    I wanted the lm6 airflow for long periods in the sun, but now will probably try out the Filson twin falls, as it has a 3 inch brim, not goofy looking like many sun hats, and doesn't have mesh that lets radiation bath your head.

    Yes I put sunscreen on everyday since I got some spots that were sun damage but turned out not to be cancer.

    I agree Tilley's CS doesn't live up to it's wonderful sounding claims on its famous labels. Still I'm still a fan, the wanderer is one of the few quality hats that combines style with effective sun protection, short of a sombrero or cowboy hat. Almost all crushable sun hats are extremely goofy looking imo

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