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Discussion in 'Suits' started by MK, May 21, 2020.

  1. MK

    MK Founder Staff Member Bartender

    I just ran across them. Anyone here familiar with their work? Their prices are excellent.
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  2. l0fielectronic

    l0fielectronic Practically Family

    I've not come across them before, the website looks like a lot of the Chinese template sites I've seen and I see they do say the suits are made in China, though looks like the company is registered in Australia.

    A shame their aren't more photos of the products, material, close ups etc.

    All looks to have been pretty dormant since 2017 and started up again this March. Interesting.

    The details and colours of the suits/buttons reminded me of this website who were selling off some suits recently, I wonder if they are made by the same company.

    I don't imagine the quality of the tweed would be great but they are, as you say, well priced. If they had something on their clearance page in my size I'd be tempted to order myself just to see.

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