V-J Day 75th Anniversary (14 Aug)

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Tiki Tom, Aug 12, 2020.

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    My father joined the Army Air Corps months before Pearl Harbor and ended up as a photography specialist, a sergeant running a darkroom (staffed by civilian women!) in Gulfport, MS. So of course, I have lots of pictures from his service, but this one seems appropriate: all the guys in his (obviously hot as hell!) barracks pooling their alcohol to celebrate news of the surrender. My dad's the bare-chested one over "SURRENDER":

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  3. 1961MJS

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    Norman Oklahoma
    My Dad was in Panama, learning to do weather radar over Japan when the war ended. He was in the South Pacific from November 1942 until roughly April 1945 when he went to Panama. He was a huge proponent of the use of the atomic bomb which he thought had possibly saved his life and the lives of thousands of American soldiers.
  4. Peacoat

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    Not only that, but it saved the lives of the Japanese as well, as hard as that is to comprehend. If there had been an invasion, millions would have been killed as they attacked the Allied soldiers with their sharpened stakes they were being trained to use. They would never have given up. In fact, even after the second bomb was dropped, the military leaders were trying to persuade the Emperor to not surrender, to never surrender.

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