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Van Page Brown @HoosierDaddy, In Memoriam


Call Me a Cab
Early Thedi adopter too. Put it on my radar for sure. Reading about his life, served in the army, drove a fork lift, big family, strong roots. I fear there's less and less of these kinds of people in the world today. I don't have a lot of hope for where we're headed in the decades to come.

I often wonder about this, where someone has impact on a forum. Most of the time their family doesn't really know. My wife knows I post to "some forum" but I don't think she quite understands the bonds we make and in the very least the time we get to pass in enjoyment for the most part keeping each other company. A lot of times that forum personality is a side no one else gets to see because it's usually about a topic no one in their immediate life relates to. Obviously people in my life know I'm into jackets, but they truly don't get it-- all the back and forth, research, deep dives, and people that come along with it.

Wonder if it makes sense to have some sort of emergency contact or something like that in our profile. Haven't had time to think through all the logistics and scenarios, but something to the effect of an email that goes out with account info, last few posts or something like that. Again, not even sure what that all means, who would admin, when that notice would go out, etc. etc.

edit: some typos and I left a message on the obit about this place with a sample post and pic. HOpefully some of family and friends will come check it out.
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Familiar Face
Loved his Aero highwayman pictures. One of the reasons I got one eventually. Not sure if there are many online forums that would show the respect and outpouring of goodwill that this one has done. Good to be a part of it. RIP HD.

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