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vanson model B z150 size 40

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Psant25, May 25, 2018.

  1. Psant25

    Psant25 One of the Regulars

    vanson model B up for sale lowered price

    ebay item number
  2. Psant25

    Psant25 One of the Regulars


    Custom Vanson Model B in Z150 leather which is their 3 oz cowhide. I am the first owner purchased new in the winter of 2017 through Thurston Bros. I have worked this jacket bending and folding to nicely break it in. It was pretty stiff when new similar to their competition weight jackets. What makes this custom: I deleted the wind flap, added nickel hardware, deleted inside snaps and zipper, deleted side cinches, metal zipper box. It has their standard lining they call Rayon.

    No odors, zippers work perfect, no smoke exposure.

    I am 70 inches tall and weigh 170 lbs with a 40 inch chest and 35 inch waist. Perfect fit for me.

    I just got a custom JL in a CHP style that I'm replacing the Vanson with so I'm letting it go for about 1/2 of what I paid after seller fees on Ebay.

    I would prefer to go through ebay for a sale like this.

    Measurements laying flat:
    p2p 22.5 (NOT seam to seam)
    shoulder 19 ( seam to seam at top)
    back 24.5 (collar seam to bottom)
    front length 22 ( collar seam straight to bottom)
    sleeve 26 (shoulder seam to end of cuff straight line)
  3. Psant25

    Psant25 One of the Regulars


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