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Discussion in 'Hats' started by S.Fox, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. S.Fox

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    Anyone collect vintage hat brushes? I couldnt find a thread so thought I'd start one, feel free to share. Here is one I picked up recently for just a couple of pounds. I know nothing about the address on the brush if anyone was wondering lol. 20200711_230836.jpg
  2. I look for 100% horsehair brushes & have found a couple of vintage shoeshine brushes worth cleaning any polish out. Depending on any advertising they can be found cheap. After cleaning they work great on hats.



    Tatton Baird makes a reproduction horsehair hat brush in the style of an old barbers brush with a turned handle. Not cheap but labor intensive I would think. Wyldkarma bought one with his Tatton Baird hats. Don't know if he ever posted a pic of the brush.
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  3. M Hatman

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    I have a few.....I will have to gather the photo's.....they are often not shaped like what you would call a hat brush now....
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  4. carouselvic

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    curved brush is from Fordham Hat Shop agency for Mallory & Knox
    silver handle brush is Goldblat Haberdasher and Hatter, Newark N.J.

    modern horsehair brushes can still be found


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