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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Kaela, Jun 13, 2005.

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    I don't know if it's been mentioned or not yet, but it seems like Fisher-Price has been re-releasing classic toys for today's kids. While cleaning out my son's room, I was going through some of his toys from previous years (gotta make room for this Christmas' haul, am I right?) and I found one of the rotary phones on a pull string. You know the one, where the eyes move as you pull it.

    Then it occurred to me: Kids today have no idea what a landline is much less a rotary phone. I'm pretty sure they had long been on the way out when I was growing up (I'm 31 now). The only person I knew who still had a rotary phone was my grandfather.

    Since he's older now and more curious, he asked about it and I had to explain how phones used to have cords and you could only travel so far before you took it out of the wall. :D. I just found it humorous that the company would decide to reproduce a replica of a phone that was, at least for a large majority of the world, no longer in existence outside that of novelty use.
  2. Matchbox Lesney No. 56
    BMC 1800 Pininfarina Concept Car





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  3. Matchbox Lesney No. 69
    Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Coupe
    circa 1969-70

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    Remember these View Masters? One was a reel and the other was a card. These were actually mine that I found cleaning out my mother's house. I also had a bunch of cards and reels. I couldn't sell them (give them away) on EBay, so I gifted them to my granddaughter.

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