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Washing a jacket, flooding a utility room, and other mishaps.

Marc mndt

I'll Lock Up
I just think they are missing the boat on higher craftsmanship

It would give a different market share and prove American can make desirable enviable jackets, other than the few tiny makers like Goodwear
I don't know what 'higher craftsmanship' means or what makes a desirable enviable jacket in your eyes, but if it means neat stitching then allow me to burst your Goodwear bubble. (see pics below)

Aside from that, neat stitching is nice but there's much more to a jacket than that.

I get it, assessing the 'quality' of a jacket by counting stitches is easy, anyone can do that. It's much harder to asses the quality of a jacket by judging patterns / fit or construction techniques. That takes hands on experience.



Call Me a Cab
You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Look at all the repros of Buco J-24 out there and then take a look at The RMC Buco J-24 (new fit). Not a single J-24 repro as beautifully made as that jacket. Especially with attention to detail. Labelling etc.

I have. My fave is the Eastman Roadstar, followed by the discontinued combination-tan RMC.

I own the Japanese repros, American originals, British repros, American repros, British originals, different kinds of jackets entirely. I’m not speaking out of unfamiliarity.

In any case, your argument is also besides the point I’m making.

You also don’t need a repro label when your logo was already being used on the vintage article but besides that I own Schotts that do have exact repros of historical labels for the jackets in question.

The four Schott jackets I have owned all had loose stiching on several places on the jacket. Besides that they use a poor quality plastic like leather. I went through two Schott 618hh and the top coat of the leather literally started peeling. This happened on both of them and it did within the first two weeks of wearing them.

Sorry that you had faulty jackets. Doesn’t change my point. Incidentally, if you’d written Schott’s repair department they probably would have taken care of that for you…

I get the feeling you just want to be mister opposite everything.

No, I simply appreciate jackets of all kinds for what they are. I get that you’re an influencer trying to sell a “lifestyle”. I have no such interest.

Aren’t you the guy who replied to a thread by a very large man who wanted to celebrate his upcoming weight loss by buying his first garment that cost more than $60 (and set Aero as the upper rung of his budget) urging him to spend 3x his budget to buy an RMC?

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