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I'll Lock Up
Melbourne, Australia
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"Shanghai Jazz" (Vol 1 & 2) - "Musical Seductions from China's Age of Decadence"

Modern recordings of the Chinese and Western jazz-songs played in the International Settlement during the 1920s and 30s, before WWII came along and cramped everyone's style.

Current track - The Old Tea-House...



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My playlist i just cant get enough of :)
Portage, Wis.
Hank let's talk about your daddy
Tell me how your momma loved that man.
Well, just break a bottle hoss
I'll tell ya' about the drifting cowboy band.
We wont talk about the habits.
[Waylon & Hank]
Just the music and the man thats all.
Now Hank, you just gotta tell me
Did your daddy really write all them songs, did he.
That don't deserve no answer hoss
Let's light up and just move along.
Do you think he wrote 'em about your momma
Or about the man who done her wrong
You know that.
[Waylon & Hank]
Yeah, back then they called him crazy
Nowadays they call him a saint
Now the ones that call him crazy
Are still riding on his name.
Well, if he was here right now Bocephus
Would he think that we were right?
Do you think he might?
Don't you know he would Watusy
Be right here by our side.
If we left for a show in Provo
[Waylon & Hank]
Be the first one on the bus and ready to ride
Last one to go hoss.
Wherever he is I hope he's happy
You know, I hope he's doing well.
Yes, I do.
He is
'Cause he's got one arm around my momma now
And her sure did love Miss Audrey and raising hell.
I wont ask you no more questions
[Waylon & Hank]
To the stories only Hank could tell
And he could tell'em.
Back then they called him crazy
Now days they call him a saint .
Most folks don't know that
They fired him from the Opry
And that 'caused his greatest pain.
I'd love to tell you about lovesick
How Miss Audrey loved that man.
You know, I've always loved to listen to
The stories about that drifting cowboy band.
That man.
You know when we get right down to it
[Waylon & Hank]
Still the most wanted outlaw in the land...
Portage, Wis.
I Bought A Beautiful Diamond Ring
I offered it to the Sweetest Thing I Know And She Said She Would Take It.
We Started Making Some Wedding Plans
She looked at Me and She Took My Hand and said
Do you think We Can Make It

I Said My Granddad's Still In Love with My Grandma
I Said My Dad Still Thinks My Moms the Sweetest Thing He Ever Saw
you see I Come From A Long Line of Love
When the Times Get Hard, We Don't Give Up
Forever Is In My Heart and In my Blood
You See I Come From A Long Line of Love

The Years went by and we had A Son
Now He Thinks He has Found Someone for Him
They're planning A Wedding
He Called Me up On the Phone Today
Just To See What I Had To Say to Him
Did I Think He Was Ready
I Said What His Grandfather Used To Say To Me

Its Been Handed Down For Ages It
Runs In Our Family
Son You Come From A Long Line Of Love
When The Times Get Hard, You Won't Give Up
Forever Is In Your Heart and In Your Blood
Son You Come From A Long Line of Love
Yes you Come From A Long Line of Love.


I'll Lock Up
Top of the Hill
only from the 70s...but nevertheless .... very, very nice I think! :)

Miss Nancy Wilson "Ocean of Love"


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