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What Is the Allure of Japanese Leather Jackets?


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I have the old RMC J-100 in size 42. I would want a 44 in that pattern now I have an extra inch around the belly.
The old pattern is the BJ9110, new pattern is BJ19110, it also has white inside pocket vs black.
There is still a NOS 44 BJ9110 left in the RMC Ibaraki store at the old price.
Someone bought the 42 and 46 since I was last there
Judging by your TFH and Vanson E fit I think you need at least the 44 in the old pattern, and it will be T shirt fit. Here is how my BJ9110 42 measures, rediculous high arm holes, I need about 11" there to be comfortable, size 42 is only 10", my comfort zone is between 11" to 12". I have the same Vanson E 44 as you and it's 13" there, which is an inch too much for me.

View attachment 528113
Shoulders fit like a shirt, but there is enough curve length, very good pattern:
View attachment 528114

Drop 7 to waist on the old pattern, very aggressive. I wear 35.5"/36" jeans waist and I have to suck in now. Motivated to lose the one pack...
View attachment 528115
View attachment 528116

Flares out 2" around bottom opening to accomodate the belt:
View attachment 528117

The new pattern BJ19110 in size 42 has 1" wider shoulder and an extra inch ease in the waist and hem from what I see in the photos, very much like my Rainbow Country racer but no action back. I like the old pattern, it's different than everything else I have. I will either bite the bullet for the 44 or lose the belly...
Fantastic write up, thanks for a lot of those details and explaining the difference. The leather on that back panel is incredible, lot of depth, grain and nice sheen to the leather. I have PMed you to ask a bit more, cheers!

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