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What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

Marc mndt

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Half of my family living in holland since the 70s and become dutch, they say dutch neighbors are nosy and envious to see their neighbor buying something new or doing expansion to their home to the point they would voluntarily call taxman to send them to their own neighbors, i really hope you guys don't have such neighbors around:D
Lol. I'm now living in the city and to be frank I wouldn't even recognize my neighbors if I saw them anywhere else but around the house. But I grew up in this small village where indeed our neighbors carefully watched our every move.

Colin G

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Freewheelers Dustbowl.

Captain Sensible

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Wearing my, just received with thanks from @Gav, Eastman Californian. Was a bit anxious about sizing (this is one up from my usual size) but I feel that this fits OK - there's room for layering but I'm not swamped - from these pics what do you guys think? What a comfortable jacket it is though - I'll have to find something that goes with it better than an ancient Playboy t shirt. View attachment 385805 View attachment 385806 View attachment 385807 View attachment 385808

Looks great, still having words with myself about selling mine to @Marc mndt

Al 916

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looks great. how does the new elastic feel? I'm going to miss my brown one once it's sold.

New snap makes all the difference! Thanks to all for help and advice.

Your's looks great! Surprised it has not been sold yet (they are getting pretty hard to find and your's is half the price of most I have seen)
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I tried that but it didn't work.

Plenty of Butwin Chicago and NY style police jackets. In black, green and blue. Some look nice. I like the vintage labels on some. Others are more contemporary.

Vtg Lancer jackets in nylon pop up from time to time. One out there now where I am waiting for accurate measurements. These type of jackets don’t cost too much.

But yeah, an Oakbrook, Beck, 50s HD in the satin-twill is unicorn level hard to find. Anything they made in leather was probably an option in this material. Mine weighs a pound. A damn pound.


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What Jacket Did You Bring To The Beach Yesterday?

I noticed that this GW Ventura has more in common with my 40s-50s Sportsclad than with my 50s Californian. I really dig the 4 inch collar, and the wrist straps.

The winds swung around to the East North-East yesterday at at least 25mph and brought a few glimpses of sun. Big swell, choppy waves, and major rip currents kept me out of the water. I won't be going into the water for a while now anyway. I stood up too quickly to get up and take a piss in the middle of the night the other night, took a fall and cracked some ribs. Gotta keep an eye on the BP, and have the doc tinker with the dosage of my BP meds, as apparently it has been too low.
That's cool, there are a couple old men out there every day who don't get up from their beach chairs too often, I'll just fit in better. Give the lifeguards a break from having to make sure I don't drown.