When did the tacky practice of wearing brown shoes with blue suits become accepted?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Abraham, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Mathematicus

    Mathematicus A-List Customer

    Coventry, UK
    My opinion is that it looks TACKY if the brown is too light or the suit itself is tacky. I would not wear anything but black shoes with a suit but I admit that with the right shade of blue a dark brown shoe can look fine.

    However, I hope everyone will agree that brown shoes will make the look more casual and, hence, definitely less suitable for work.
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  2. Edward

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    London, UK
    Depends on the job really. Even Cityboys - the original 'no brown in town' types - in London now aren't always in black shoes. I do tend to agree brown is more casual in a shoe, but we're not necessarily representative of contemporary norms. The average man these days seems to regard anything north of logo-less leather training shoes as 'formal', along with his 'dress jeans'...

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