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Why do you wear a fedora or cap?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by GWD, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. hatguy1

    hatguy1 One Too Many

    Da Pairee of da prairee
    I agree with those reasons, for sure! Unfortunately, I've reached the age where people seeing me wearing my stylish fedoras and think less that I'm trying to make a fashion statement or show my independent nature or whatever and...sigh...instead think I'm just some old guy wearin' a hat! Bummer that, but still awesome fun for me (and all of us) to be able to wear our stylish lids.
  2. daddy0d0

    daddy0d0 A-List Customer

    Im not sure if this thread has ever been done before but here goes. Why do you wear a hat, what was/is your motivation or your inspiration to wear one.
    I worked in the golf industry as an instructor for years and hated putting on sunblock, (donot like the greasy feeling.) Contracted skin cancer 15 years ago and that was one of the contributing factors but I have always liked the look of an "outback style" and the look of fedoras.
  3. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Mustang Mike's Hats One of the Regulars

    Southern California
    I my case, it was a practical matter as well. As a horseman for nearly 40 years, it's three-fold.

    Part of the "uniform"
    It keeps the sun off your face
    You just LOOK dang good!! :cool:
  4. Frunobulax


    Funkytown, USA
    Because this place found a weakness in my psyche and exploited it. Now I'm doomed.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  5. moontheloon

    moontheloon I'll Lock Up

    I can't remember not wearing hats ... so figuring out why will prove to be quite difficult
  6. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    I stand by what I wrote back in post #79: "Because I can", "Because I want to", and "Because I like them" are probably the best responses; no further explanation necessary. :D
  7. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Growing up in the country with plenty of stock to tend to & chores starting at a young age I've worn Western hats since before I started school.
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  8. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Boston area
    To The OP: Why NOT?
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  9. PHIL1959

    PHIL1959 One of the Regulars

    anchorsholme england
    I've always liked hats. from the black and white movies of the 30's and 40's to cowboy movies.I'll watch the blacklist, not for the story line, but just to glimpse Redington wearing his hats! Also both my Grandfathers wore hats, I just like hats!
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  10. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    It keeps my face shielded from precipitation, and my head warm in the winter. It's a utilitarian thing for me. Plus, I do like how they look on my head.
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  11. belfastboy

    belfastboy Call Me a Cab

    vancouver, canada
    The seed was planted by my father who passed away when I was 10. In most of the photos of him he is wearing a fedora. Bought my first stingy brim in 1961 when I was 11. In my house moves over the years his hats and my early ones have fallen by the wayside. But this whole collecting thing is fairly new. I think my father would shudder in displeasure at the thought his son would own such an obscene number of hats.
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  12. Cornshucker77

    Cornshucker77 One Too Many

    Northeast Nebraska
    Me too.
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  13. Richard Morgan

    Richard Morgan One Too Many

    Central Tesxas
    I grew up wearing western hats and boots, my Dad always had a Stetson on when he left the house. In my mid 30s I lived in Northern California and bought a wool Indy style hat for hiking and camping. I liked it so much I've been wearing them since. I like the way I look in a hat and my very stylish 91 year old mother-in-law says I look good in a hat.
  14. Wesslyn

    Wesslyn Practically Family

    Monmouth, Illinois
    For some reason it just seems natural and logical. I suppose the same reasons men wore hats daily in "olden times."
    Just like one may have a favorite shirt or pair of jeans or shoes, grabbing your go-to hat and going just seems to make sense.
    It certainly doesn't hurt that hats look totally bad@ss.
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  15. Paravians

    Paravians New in Town

    Personally I wear fedoras because I am bold, my head is always cold! Plus I have discovered that they keep rain and wind and low sun out of my face/eyes/glasses AND ears, so I never go anywhere without a hat.... don't even own an umbrella anymore! It is a very practical garment and I am all about utilitarian clothing, plus it's become a sort of hobby.
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  16. deadlyhandsome

    deadlyhandsome Call Me a Cab

    Central California
    I wear fedoras for a few different reasons.

    #1: the first time a doctor uses the words "skin cancer" in an examination you will become a believer in limiting sun exposure. The first time you have biopsies you will become a zealot.

    #2: I like how they, and I, look.

    #3: I lament how we as a society have lost so much of our decorum and pride in being well-groomed. Men in particular have let this pervasive casualness make us slobs. Just my personal opinion; not trying to offend anyone.
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  17. Zombie_61

    Zombie_61 I'll Lock Up

    I can't say I took it that far, but after they carved a bit of cancer off of my nose in 2013 I did start paying more attention to sun protection. Like daddy0d0 I don't like the greasy feeling of sunblock on my face, so I chose hats instead since I'd begun wearing them 5 years earlier. Besides, it's as good an excuse as any for buying more hats. ;)

    No offense taken; I've always been a slob. :cool:
  18. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer A-List Customer

    Ashburn, Virginia USA
    I suppose like most boys, I liked donning hats to suit whatever game or fantasy I was playing. Cowboy hats, baseball caps, an Australian digger hat when I lived in Southeast Asia, scout hats, etc. When I got older and golfed with my dad, I would wear a cotton stingy brim/pork pie.

    Later years saw me wearing hats less and less, as they didn't "fit" my lifestyle or activity level. Oh, I'd wear a runners hat running (which I did a lot of), and I'd wear a baseball cap to root for my favorite team, but as I got older I found caps and beanies doing horrible things to my hair when I took them off (my old-fashioned sense of proppriety requires me to doff my hat when I go indoors). I bought a couple of hats earlier this year to wear on hiking trips, and one straw fedora from a baseball game, and my fascination for hats returned. I've decided that I'm old enough now not to care what others think of me or my fashion sense, and hats do wonders keeping my head warm and my hair manageable.
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  19. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    And you forgot...Handsome!

    Me either. I've had 15 MOHS surgeries for Basal cell & squamous cell carcinoma. I've literally had 100's, maybe a thousand precancerous actinic keratosis frozen off with liquid nitrogen. No big deal, it takes yrs & yrs before Basal & squamous cell metastasis & becomes deadly. Melanoma is another matter. Mine is a result of my lifestyle & career, & if I had it to do over again I wouldn't change a thing.
  20. crawlinkingsnake

    crawlinkingsnake One of the Regulars

    West Virginia
    I grew up wearing a ball cap. Yes, ball CAP. Baseball players don't wear hats, they wear a cap. Later coaching football wore a visor on the practice field over 30 years. All during that time fedoras slowly crept into my psyche. Now, even though I still like my visors in summer, I wear fedoras, straw and felt both summer and winter. Why? Because they just feel right and so classy. :cool:
    Watching Turner Classic Movies don't hurt either.....
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