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winter jacket choice


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Hi all

I'm looking for a jacket for the next one. Can you help me choose?

I m 175cm 69kg cheat 40"

It depends for which kind of activity. For hiking / effort the best are the high-tech garments made out of composite materials(Gore-tex,...).
Otherwise if it's walking and everyday thing this is what's the most efficient for me:
- until -10 Celsius I wear a A-2/G-1 Jacket(medium weight hide); I prefer these because of the knit waist-band and cuffs. These prevent the cold air from getting in. If it goes inside - in my case - once reaching the warm arm-pits will condense and will cause the t-shirt arm pits to become soaked and cold.
I prefer the cotton lining. The poly lining (like G-1s) makes me overheat for some reason.
Underneath the jacket/coats I wear a cotton t-shirt(if you sweat more a synthetic t-shirt will be better) and a turtle-neck wool sweater. Between -5 and 5 Celsius the sweater is a light weight one, if going lower there is a medium one. Like this I don't heat up if walking for kilometers or running/pedaling.
These minimal lined jackets give you more versatility as they can handle a wider temperature range.
- if it gets colder/ there is blizzard the best works a long coat. As it keeps your lower body warm. I wear a M69 transport coat as it is light enough, wind proof and keeps me warm with the wool lining. Same sweater/t-shirt underneath. I tried wool over-coats and they work well too. Even the Russian one but that is just too heavy, feels like wearing a large rug over your shoulders.

Unbelievably I feel the best wearing modest/inexpensive stuff(99% of the time). Strangely enough, my other high-end jackets(B-2, B-3 repros, An-J-4, Lost Worlds motorcycle jackets, police jackets) don't even come close in terms of practicality/fit. I just wear them on occasions, to dress-up when I'm in the mood to pull a certain look.
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