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Would you consider this a good fit ?

TLW '90

Practically Family
It won’t be!
My jackets that feel right look a little too big in photos (with phone). When I use my DSLR they look better, but the slightly tight ones “look” better in posts.
That's what I have suspected, I figure it may not technically look perfect but just about feels it.
The suede has a little bit of that hefty secure leather jacket feel with the unrestrictive comfort of my sherpa lined Wranglers jacket.

This has me thinking, can a leather jacket possibly have both a perfect looking fit and unrestrictive comfort ?
Maybe if this jacket had 3/4" shorter sleeves and cuff snaps it would achieve that, but then if I was making changes I'd love some hand pockets and a fur collar then pretty soon I'm describing a completely different jacket.
This one is just so cool I can't bring myself to complain about it, I even made an exception with regards to the lack of hand pockets.


I'll Lock Up
East Java
I think if the jacket has a trim fit, high armhole, then you can look slim in it but it is not fighting you, sometime loose fit jacket would only look comfy and feel roomy when you are just standing neutral but actually fighting your every movement,

I have a jacket that feels nice and roomy to wear but I can't drive my car in it because the sleeve will lock my arms , while my leather jackets are all snug but I can drive in them, can reach top shelf in supermarket. I think I like the freedom of movement in size small denim jacket than bigger sizes too even when the sleeve is a bit short on me, however in softer material like knitwear I like a bit bigger sizes.

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