Your High School Jacket - if you could go back

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by AeroFan_07, Aug 4, 2021.

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    This right here -- +1000 to this comment.

    I was a yearbook photographer (volunteer of course) in Sophomore - Senior years and trust me, that alone got me into plenty of mischief. At least it was obvious -- using a film SLR and manually focusing upon everything I took. I seriously cannot imagine this whole culture now while being in High School. Our High School did not have a dress code and most folks wore jeans all the time.

    As to my own jackets - mostly all nylon - poly filled overstuffed coats with hoods and the fur around the top. Parka style. I did have a Pioneer seed jacket (bright green) that I wore, and likely some sort of denim. All long outgrown & gone.
    Here is the Parka (or one similar):

    This is Just like the Pioneer (Seed Company) jacket I also had:


    The leather jacket topic - reading these posts, I am reminded again why my mother forbid me to own one. She grew up in the 40's and 50's so would have been in HS right after the time of the Hollywood movies came out. She was very much against that whole trend, and (I suspect) thought if I got into that style of clothing other changes would occur soon afterwards.

    That said, when I went to college I was free to choose my clothing as I wanted - I just had to spend my own money on it. I'm sure my first leather jacket made her cringe (way too big, as were all jackets aorund the start of the 1990's) but I did not get a Perfecto style jacket until a few years later. Photos I see of myself in that first jacket make ME cringe today! :)
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    That below attached has been the style I used to wear as a kid in winter when the leather has been too cold.

    Had to be a bit careful with the color in specific and where to show up with in general.

    Green and black were NoGo and red has been tricky too in some edges of the town. So blue has been the only halfway neutral color.

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    Redwood City, CA
    I wish I had a high school jacket. I grew up on the San Francisco Peninsula during the 50s and 60s and not extra doe for the MC jackets. now over 70 I do own some bay area MC jackets
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    claremont california
    Back in High School I did have a dream Jacket. My varsity jacket I used it just about every day in the beautiful days of Southern California. I still have it and Love it.
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    In my university years I had a jacket similar to a varsity / College jacket I wore a lot. I think it was marketed as a "Baseball" jacket; it was the same overall style and cut, but all-wool, and all-black with the white "Marshall" script logo of the Marshall Amplification company. Loved it a lot. About ten years later, I sold it on eBay to a guy who collected them, apparently he'd amassed several, each slightly different. My brother, a programmer in the IT industry, worked for one of the really big WAP (early mobile internet protocol) companies in the nineties; he was given a beautifully made jacket in that style, alas with a large corporate logo embroidered on the back so I don't think it got worn. If memory serves, it was a navy blue body with brown/tan suede sleeves.... and a large, purple brand logo on the back.

    USAF N3A/B style parkas were very much a 'thing' when I started primary school in 1979. Either navy or olive, but pretty much always with the non-milspec, MA1-style, orange liner. By the time I hit secondary level, they were viciously mocked and completely outre, but in 1979 they were the dog's whatsits, even Fearghal Sharkey of the Undertones wore one on Top of the Pops. You saw blues ones once or twice at my Grammar school, though typically they were laughed at, though they were considered a bit cool again in a kitsch way by the Britpop years in the middle nineties.

    I remember this sort of thing being very common. I actually see a lot of similar jackets on campus among undergrads now. Interestingly, I can only think of one young man, from my undergrad class about three years ago now, who wore a leather jacket regularly. Nice kid, from South America, his dad practiced in my area back there and they apparently studied my module content together, which was cute. (One of the nice things about graduation ceremonies is you hear these stories.) Occasionally see them on the girls, usually a fashion lamb / pleather type.

    One of my postgrads a few years ago, again South American - Chile in this case, I think it was- wore an MA1. Asked him about it, turned out it was issued to his dad who'd done a spell in their air force; whether he wanted to or not I think he learned a bit from me about the MA1's history! ;) :D

    I have a Buzz B15C-Mod (which needs the knits replaced, damn carpet beetles....) much like this. I'd really like to pick up both a green and an orange-liner MA1, perhaps a William Gibson Buzz black one if the opportunity arose. I also really liked the red 'test pilot' one Buzz did a couple of years ago. Thing is, being a shaved-head sort, I'm somewhat leery of being taken for a skinhead since that nowadays is so readily associated with the far-right. Such a shame. I wasn't a fan of the MA1 as a kid, but I've really come to appreciate it's wonderful utility as a design as I've gotten older.
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