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3/4 length coat, advice please.

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by vespasian, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    3/4 length jacket, black wool "London Fog" at JC Penney. To have it delivered to UK is £80 ($140) approx. Is this a good idea or not.

  2. Is $140 "o.k."? To deliver a J.C. Penney coat? Is this a trick question?

    Please, take my advice: keep looking on eBay, or find one in the UK. Are these types of topcoats really that hard to find? I wouldn't think so, since they're in fashion.
  3. I don't think London Fog is worth the expense.
  4. H&M H&M H&M H&M H&M H&M

    Was that $140 all-in? Or $140 for shipping?

  5. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    $140 all in. I have searched and searched in the UK online for a coat below the knee. All in vain. Either ridiculously expensive or just not long enough.
  6. Vespasian, please see my PM to you.
  7. Are you looking for a winter weight coat? What I've found about pretty much all new topcoats is that they're not very warm. The vintage ones, you can tell, were made for brutal winters in New York and Chicago. Those are the ones I'm always looking for. The Penney's looks more like a driving coat and a pretty average one a that. I'd do some vintage searching. If you can't wait for the perfect one on ebay, check some fo the online places like rustyzipper and sassvintage. I've bought from both and have been thoroughly satisfied. Again, be sure to ask if it's winter weight (if that's what you want)


    Senator Jack
  8. Senator Jack, the thickest and heaviest overcoats I've ever come across were made in Germany in the '30s and '40s. They were almost always double breasted, with yoke backs, and either fully belted or half-belted. You can find plenty of them on www.ebay.de
  9. How do I search for an overcoat in German? Is there an english translation button on the de ebay site?

    Senator Jack
  10. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    I tried Ebay_de but cant work out the half of it. Thanks anyway.

    Im not really worried about it being winter weight as the winters here are a bit tepid nowadays. More protection from wind, rain, dirt, snow etc. Plus looking good with the fedora.
  11. Now that's what I'm always looking for, Marc! I'll have to figure out how to search.


    Senator Jack
  12. Just use the link that Marc provided. The photos there will help you.
  13. 3/4 length coat

    yes, I think London Fog over coats are nice! I saw one recently at JC Penny and I think it said made in Italy inside?

    I would definitely buy a brand new wool coat instead of used off EBAY

    I think they usually sell for over $200 when they are not on sale
  14. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    Got one from Debenhams and if anyone is in the UK, get to Debenhams quickly. Reduced from £175 ($250 apprx) to £75 ($110 approx). Thomas Nash 46in length wool and cashmere coat with pockets and lining. Thanks for the advice folks.
  15. Bart

    Bart Familiar Face


    If there was a Filene's Basement in the UK, you wouldn't look at JC Penney.
    Any chance?
  16. The real Henry

    The real Henry Practically Family

    I'm from Germany and most of the time you can just find the leather coats on ebay.de, but if I can help anyone to search, I'll do that!
  17. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    I eventually got one. A Thomas Nash 3/4 length 3 button front in black. Not fantastically warm and does look a slight bit affected with the hat but what the heck. I like it.

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