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A word to men who wear high boots

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Fletch, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Alexi

    Alexi One of the Regulars

    ok just pointing this out, again
  2. Highlander

    Highlander A-List Customer

    Who Makes these boots? where can I get them??

    Who makes these boots? Where can I get them???

  3. My own are by Chippewa, but those are 1940s vintage; I don't know if Chippewa still make this style. Most guys seem to like White's for this style of modern production boot.

    Good luck!
  4. Bret4207

    Bret4207 New in Town

    The guy apparently doesn't wade around in knee deep manure or mud, eh?
  5. WesternHatWearer

    WesternHatWearer A-List Customer

    I wonder if this fellow worked for a boot maker. He may have been hoping to increase sales by driving men to purchase boots as means to spite his words. A far fetched ideal, more than likely, but a possibility. It would be interesting to see what sales of knee high men's boot looked liked before and after this blog post, if the blog even made a measurable impact.
  6. Knee high boots are quite useful for horseback riding. For everyday mens wear or as a fashion statement, not so much. Overall, they do look better on women
  7. Possibly a silly question, but since when were "everyday men's wear" or "fashion statements" supposed to be "useful"? Is a necktie "useful"? Suits? Brogues? Wingtips?

    Ultimately, as "footwear", how is a long boot functionally different from a Spectator shoe?

    Just asking....
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  8. In snake country ( as here in the SW USA) tall leather or cordura (sic) can come in quite handy!!! Also help protect the lower leg in the same environment. Just about everything here has thorns or stickers of some kind on it. Lots of biting things here. Reptiles and insects.
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  9. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Apparently the OP may have a sense of form, but nothing on the function of clothing. You tell 'em, Renault!
  10. Thanks Hats!! Tall boots here (sometimes dusted with sulphur) will help with some biting insects that live in the grass. And while not a guarantee against ticks they do help. Young son archaeologist did contract Lymes disease this past summer. I doubt where he was working high boots would have helped.

    I've know many folks who were thankful for tall boots ( oldest son included) in the "rattle bug" country here!!! Ounce of prevention thing! And considering the cost in hospital fees, they are a drop in the bucket price wise!!!
  11. And if someone is looking for high boots both Gokey and Russell make them . . . just in case Chippewa has stopped.
  12. newsman

    newsman One of the Regulars

    Umm...but they are snake boots. I wear them to keep the snakes for biting me while hunting. IS that ok?
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  14. Ced

    Ced New in Town


    I came across to this photo of a guy in casual outfit with thigh high boots.. More and more men seem to be in to high boots recently..
  15. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom Practically Family

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  16. A bit late in replying to this, but totally agree. About five years ago when I was working in a hospital, our acquisition cost for Crofab, the newer standard of treatment for snakebite could run 6 to 8 thousand dollars per patient, depending upon the size of the evenomation, and the patients response.
  17. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab

    They certainly do.


    I haven't seen a proper pair of riding boots in ages, nor anyone wearing them. I think they are a great choice for women for winter. About 20 years ago I was tempted to get a pair made for me by a store who had some beautiful brown ones, although I would not have had much use for them. I suspect now that quality leather goods are so expensive most people just get rubber riding boots.
  18. Really? Obviously you don't frequent Tumblr.com. Try following olivia'scharmedlife, the-tweed-fox, palo-y-pelota and a couple more. Ladies in leather riding boots all over the place, with references to where they can be found. And yes, they're expensive.
  19. Which? ;)

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