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Advise needed on buying an AERO flying jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by rayban, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    I am thinking about buying one of the AERO flying jackets. Perhaps the Irvin or one of the American types.

    Can someone advise me on the qualities of leather jackets from this Scottish based company?

    I am aware of the fact that they do replicas.

  2. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    This "Scottish based company" makes top of the line, high quality leather jackets with excellent customer service. This forum is full of praises for the company and its product. I have not yet had one of their sheepskin jackets, but I can't imagine it would be anything other than top quality.
  3. oldcrow82

    oldcrow82 One of the Regulars

    Spend some time reading through these threads. I've been thinking, as of late this forum should have its name changed from outerwear to aero's outerwear.
  4. Lots of threads here "search" :)
    I got my son a B-3 last year. It's amazing. I have four other Aeros, and they're all fantastic.
  5. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I would recommend you also look at Eastman sheepskin jackets. Their RAF jackets and B-3s are more accurate reproductions than those made by Aero.
  6. Also, one of our members here is making lovely Irvin's. Check the Irvin thread as he posted info and pics there. They look beautiful.Johnny's Irvins
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  7. Dr H

    Dr H One Too Many

    Jon's jacket look terrific and the attention to detail is highly impressive.
  8. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    Thank you! Sure will
  9. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    Well that says it all deosn't it? :D
  10. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    :) Thanks all for your advise!
  11. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    I took a good look at the Eastman pattern 1942 Irvin (thanks again Aswatland). I must say I was rather taken by it. Optically it seems to capture the look of the original very well.

    Historical accuracy? I don't know. I found quite a large thread on Irvin jackets and I got lost a bit. Any thoughts on this? Are they heavy by the way?
  12. Jon's jacket look terrific
  13. rayban

    rayban New in Town

    Yes quite. I think I can see what you mean. Pfffff............ choosing isn't easy.
  14. Weight-wise, my Eastman 42 pattern Irvin is very light indeed - by far the lightest of all my Winter-weight jackets. While bulkier and thus a bit clumsier, it's not really noticeably different weight wise than my goat A2. My Lost Worlds B3 is significantly heavier, partly down to all the horsehide panels and extra buckles, partly, I'm sure, down to the manufacturer's preference for heavy jackets. Not a problem to wear, but you do notice the difference.

    Regarding accuracy.... I have been told the Aero B3s aren't bad, though ELC are better. I wouldn't buy an Aero Irvin myself - nothing wrong with the quality, but the sleeves seem "wrong" to my eye. Good condition ELC Irvins can be had on eBay for GBP300-350 if you are patient.
  15. rayban

    rayban New in Town


    Maybe I should ask this question in antoher thread: Is there a (noticable) difference in weight between a genuine wartime Irvin and say the Eastman replica? I have no experience whatsoever with Irvins.

    The only sheepskin clothing I own are a few Russian army Bekeshas weighing about 4 kg's and a Swedish army canvas coat with sheepskin lining which weighs what feels like a ton! But then these coats (being originals) are in a different league altogether.
  16. alsendk

    alsendk A-List Customer

    [​IMG][/IMG]Hello Rayban
    I can admit that my Aviation leather coat ALC from the one company that still bears the name IRVIN weight a little over 3 kilo.
    There is not much referring to the Irvin here, partly becourse they are not exactly true to the original ww2 irvin Jackets....but they are brilliantly made to last a lifetime or two.
    I have one, and are very pleased with it...the two front handwarmers/ front pockets too, but looking at Jon` s exeptional well build Irvin`s, I clearly se the differences between my jacket, and his.
    I will probably end up ordering the one of his pre war model , or be bold to ask Andrew reserve one of his fantastic finds for me, if I can persuade him :O)

    good luck with your choice of Irvin
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