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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here.

    If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place.

    Here's one to break the ice.
  2. Question #2, What took you so long? :D
  3. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    I couldn't bring myself to start a new thread. :p
  4. GREAT Answer! lol lol lol
  5. memphislawyer

    memphislawyer Practically Family

    Question #3: Why note?
  6. daizawaguy

    daizawaguy Call Me a Cab

    What is the largest user of felt today? How much is production/consumption up or down since the 1950`s?
  7. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    (assuming the "e" is a typo and the question isn't something esoteric)

    Most new threads are started by new members asking questions that have already been answered many, many times. Other times, someone might just remember that there is an existing thread on a topic, but can't seem to find the thread. Rather than starting a new thread asking "where's that thread I need", they can ask here.

    This is the help desk. We're here to serve you. :D

    ********It should be noted that this is intended to be general help thread - it's not just me responding to questions. Anyone can ask, and anyone can answer.********
  8. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    Wool or fur? If fur, what type (or all types)? Production and consumption are different. Do you want one, the other, or both?
  9. daizawaguy

    daizawaguy Call Me a Cab

    Tks. Fur. Production. I was just wondering about general trends...regards
  10. daizawaguy

    daizawaguy Call Me a Cab

    All types of fur. Nothing too specific needed, just wondering how production has changed, given it was once such a large industry.
  11. Inusuit

    Inusuit A-List Customer

  12. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

  13. Inusuit

    Inusuit A-List Customer

    Thanks, Lefty. I'll post a picture when it arrives.
  14. Mr_D.

    Mr_D. A-List Customer

    In THIS thread I was looking to know how to restore said hat.

  15. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

    From the thread, I see that the hat is leather. Generally, almost every hat on this site is fur felt, with a few wool felt hats here and there. That makes it a bit tougher.

    What do you mean by restore - clean and block (give it shape)?
  16. Mr_D.

    Mr_D. A-List Customer

    that hat is very stiff, it is leather as you said but feels like one of those costume cardboard hats, and needs cleaned.
  17. Dreispitz

    Dreispitz One Too Many

    Technical textiles, carpets, insulation ...
  18. willone242

    willone242 New in Town

    Hat color

    Hi – I have a black suit with a classic cut that I intend to have to a 30s gathering, I also have a brown hat (Indiana Jones style) Swedish maker, that is very 30s too. My question is if there are any rules regarding hat colour and suit colour, or if it is mixable after wearers taste?

  19. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    Dear Mr. Leftwell,

    This thread has come along in the nick of time. My wife and I are having a bit of a tiff, and I'm wondering whether you might be able to help us sort things out. She is hosting a tea for the Women's Auxiliary tomorrow, and believes that the cucumber sandwiches should be round. I, on the other hand, believe that they should be square. Obviously, in either case, we both believe that the crusts should be removed. In any event, round or square? Can you please help us sort this out?

    Yours faithfully,
    James the Lid
  20. Dear Mr. Lid,

    In the spirit of compromise and goodwill, why not provide separate trays. One can display round and the other square sandwiches. Just make sure that the square ones are cut on the diagonal for dainty munching.


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