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Berets, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by NonEntity, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. NoHorse

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    “Keep warm, wear a hat” You do mean wear a BERET, do you not? :p
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  2. Its catching on....
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  3. Philipe

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    oh my
  4. WP_20180314_10_55_32_Pro.jpg A short break in the school garden with Boinas Elosegui 150 anos edicion limitada.
  5. But only if its not too cold or too hot. ;)
  6. This 310 and some same sized Auloronesa's (different colors) get the bulk of my head time. I don't know, but they behave and wear as you'd like them to and they have enough size to be exceptionally useful. That, and the felt is hard to beat and takes a beating. They're the sweet spot in my beret collection. This one has been living in my car as my "go-to" for a while now. Once Summer comes along, I'll have to stop that.

  7. Nico

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    The Auloronesa's are also my go to berets. I will be taking a couple with me to Antarctica in January.
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  9. I have one of those in Navy, but with-out the sweat band. Nice little beret—my smallest. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.
  10. A new page on the South Pacific Berets website, dedicated solely to the "tartes" of the Chasseurs Alpins.
    And with that, I introduce the Cambo: the genuine béret Chasseur Alpin in 336mm black merino wool, fitted with a cotton lining and the traditional Cambo label.
    upload_2018-3-19_13-25-47.png upload_2018-3-19_13-25-55.png upload_2018-3-19_13-26-2.png
    Available in size 56-62. The last bulwark between the head and the clouds!
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  12. That would be blasphemy! But.., the first photo actually shows two txapela's framed behind glass on the casks of cider. Quite an honourable position, I'd say.
    Mind you, most photo's in the article are taken inside and, although many Basques (and the odd New Zealander, for that matter) keep their berets on inside, many take their beret off indoors.
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  13. Framed! Well, one might see it as a place of honor or as stuck under glass for display. I think I'd rather see them on heads. Speaking of which . . .

    This NYT article

    has a few berets on heads, outdoors and indoors. That's more like it!
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  14. Yes, palombière. I published a post on this pigeon hunt a few years ago:
    upload_2018-3-20_14-54-50.png upload_2018-3-20_14-54-58.png
    Palombière is a form of hunting, specifically hunting wood pigeons, in the southwest of France. The wood pigeons are caught on their migratory way from northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula. The annual “harvest” is about 800,000 animals. It is a traditional form of hunting, mostly by men who eat and drink together in their dugouts. It has a great social importance in the country regions where this form of hunting is exercised. The pigeons are shot from there, but also lured and trapped with nets by using a “leader” (ie, a captivated wood pigeon). The captive birds are processed into traditional French cuisine such as Salmis de Palombes.
    upload_2018-3-20_14-56-3.png upload_2018-3-20_14-56-11.png
    Not a post you expect to be published by a practically life-long vegetarian, but the many berets worn by the hunters certainly justify a post on The Beret Project.
    Jean Barrère (on all the pictures shown here) was 'Champion de France 2009' and 'Champion du Monde 2011'. What's more, you may well recognize Jean Barrère as the model on the cover of The Inspector Cluzo's CD Gasconna Rocks!
    More news from the other side of the border: the new stock by Boinas Elósegui is in!

    After a long absence, all the Txapelduns are well available again, in 34.9 and 37.2cm; better, I have the very last one in cobalt (UN-blue) in 37.2cm and five unique 37.2cm models in a beautiful shade of deep blue (5 only).
    upload_2018-3-20_15-6-57.png upload_2018-3-20_15-7-7.png
    The range of limited edition Año 1858 has extended and now come in 28, 30 and 31.5cm diameter, in their own gift-box with certificate.
    And last, more Exposición Hombres models in 11 colours!

    upload_2018-3-20_15-10-16.png upload_2018-3-20_15-10-45.png
    And how do you like this old ad by boina sellers Boera Brothers from New York; a direct importation from sunny Spain?
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  15. Boinas Elósegui may be one of the larger players in the berets field, but is by all means a small family business where every employee knows one another; it’s staff is less than half the number of French competitor Laulhère and despite advancement in technology, the berets are still largely made by hand.
    upload_2018-3-23_9-7-18.png upload_2018-3-23_9-7-28.png
    Here are some faces of the people behind your Elósegui beret. Above, commercial director of the company Ander Astigarraga (L) and Nekane, at the old weaving machines(R).
    Below operators Maria Pilar Larrauri and Ana Maria Cuadrado at the machines for overlapping (LF) and José Prado Kotte, in charge of the fulling and dyeing of the berets (R).
    upload_2018-3-23_9-9-51.png upload_2018-3-23_9-10-55.png
    Below Agustin Perez, in the process of shaping the berets (L) and
    Ana Pradin, in charge of sizing, revision and quality control of all models (M and R).
    upload_2018-3-23_9-12-20.png upload_2018-3-23_9-12-58.png upload_2018-3-23_9-13-8.png
    Some of the world's best berets, for almost 160 years already, and the only manufacturer left in the Basque Country.
    upload_2018-3-23_9-20-21.png upload_2018-3-23_9-20-8.png

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