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Black Sheep Hat Works

Discussion in 'Hats' started by jlee562, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    So here's the story behind this hat. Like many, I was absolutely captivated by Johnny Depp's Optimo Ox Blood hat in the Public Enemies movie. I love the color of that felt. Unfortunately, $600 is just out of my price range (although I'm sure they're worth every penny). So I began a quest to find, if not the exact felt, something close enough.

    Then, Yeti posted this thread back in August, alerting me to Black Sheep Hat Works. I really liked the look of Bob's hats, and can definitely appreciate the "stand out from the flock" motto. So, randomly I decided to shoot him an email about getting some Ox Blood felt. Bob replied and said he'd make some inquiries. A week or three passed by and I received another email from Bob. Although he couldn't source the same felt, he had gone ahead and dyed some felt swatches for me. Well, I was bowled over by the effort.

    So, we started the process. I had a rough idea of what I wanted in my next hat, and we talked about ribbon and edge treatments and what not. The first body Bob dyed turned out to be not an exact match to the initial felt swatches he had sent me (due to variances in the felt runs from the factory), so he tinkered some more and came up with a STUNNING felt color that is unique in its own right. Not quite Optimo, not quite Art's Black Cherry, but it is beautiful!

    But enough of my rambling, here are the pictures! The felt is kind of hard to photograph in terms of capturing the true color, it's also overcast in the bay area today, so the pictures (and my cheap digital camera) do not fully capture the depth or richness of the felt.

    I neglected to take a picture, but at the bottom of Bob's hat boxes, it has a small cedar block installed to help deter moths, nifty!
    I chose to have "J Lee" on the sweat, as it's kind of a moniker of mine (hence the screenname as well!)
    The Black Sheep Hat Works logo, I love the black leather sweat with gold accent.
    Close up of the great ribbon treatment that Bob came up with.
    This picture is the best representation of the felt color.


    Suffice to say, I am one happy customer!
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  2. How much did this end up costing you? I was under the impression that custom hats were supposedly more expensive than the "canned" variety.
  3. Neophyte

    Neophyte My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Looks great, Jlee :). Like a very more pale, muted oxblood. Looks super!
  4. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Bob's hats start at $285 (100% Beaver), mine was $305 with the underwelt edge.

    Neo: thanks! I really love the color.

    And oh, I posted this in the new hats thread, but I guess I neglected to take a better picture of the top crease, but this hat has a fantastic diamond crease:
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  5. animator

    animator One of the Regulars

    That's a very nice hat! The edge looks great!
  6. EggHead

    EggHead Practically Family

    Nice hat jlee. Perhaps I can spot you in downtown SF wearing it during lunchtime!
  7. Neophyte

    Neophyte My Mail is Forwarded Here

    JLee, your new hat made me realize my burgundy western wants to be a fedora...:)
  8. delectans

    delectans Call Me a Cab

    A splendid hat. Congratulations!
  9. My brain and wallet are fighting just now, another hat - yes! How long did it take and can he make more from the job description you gave?
  10. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Well, I placed the order in September. I got it this week, but bearing in mind Bob actually dyed two different bodies for this hat. The first one, which is actually a great color in its own right, wasn't quite as dark as I would have liked it. So there was a little extra time involved. The difference was that the original felt strips which he sent me (and which I selected my favorite from) were from a different run of felt than the raw bodies he had for the hat itself. For whatever x factor, they absorb the dye slightly differently, as is my understanding. Bearing in mind that caveat, I would imagine Bob would be able to repeat it.
  11. Looks really spiffy jlee!:eusa_clap I especially like the diamond bash and bow treatment.


  12. MMmmm MMmmmm
    Sweet & tastey
    I also luv the ribbon treatment.
    Does this officially make you a Black Sheep? :rolleyes:

    Well done.
  13. SpeedRcrX

    SpeedRcrX Practically Family

    Really nice hat. The color felt, the bow treatment and crease are quite beautiful!

  14. HNTrail

    HNTrail New in Town

    Nice hat! I am really looking forward to getting my own Black Sheep hat now! Only a matter of time before it arrives! I'll post some pics of it when it get's here. Thanks for posting your pictures.
  15. EggHead

    EggHead Practically Family

    HNTrail, here is mine - to wet your appetite!
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  16. another beauty from Black Sheep, Egghead. Tell us what he calls those colors!
  17. Nice Black Sheep, JLee and Egghead!
  18. EggHead

    EggHead Practically Family

  19. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    That brim looks amazing...it almost reminds me of Jimmy Stewart's hat from the film Broken Arrow, which is my favorite western hat.
  20. On my computer it looks more gray here but on the link you posted the first shot has a very nice green color..

    I hate to be a pest but any chance of getting a bow shot ???

    Looks like there might be some nice offset color work on the bow...

    That is looking like what I have in my mind for my next hat. very nice.

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