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Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by John in Covina, May 23, 2012.

  1. America's test kitchen added vanilla, sherry and liquid smoke to some cheap bourbons. it improved the taste.
  2. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    Ha, that's funny!

  3. 1961MJS

    1961MJS Call Me a Cab


    I don't suppose that they mentioned measurements or anything else helpful did they? Some of the cheap bourbon tastes pretty cheap. I wonder what they could do for Cutty? Personally that stuff is nasty, not bourbon, but nasty.

  4. Even a cheap bourbon can be finer than most other whiskey.

    Evan Williams is an excellent example of this. I'll sip it, or even make my Manhattans with it, a really great spirit.

    Det. Jack Napoleon.
  5. They were in the 1/4 - 1/8 teaspoon type of additions per liter. The idea is that all helps recreate better / longer barrel aging. The Oak gives vanilla, the smoke the charred insides and the sherry a complex aging. they said it did not replace the high end stuff but made the low end more palatable.
  6. There are obviously some bourbons they need to just leave in the barrel forever, but that doesn't surprise me either. Some of Heaven Hill's cheaper lines or even old Grandad lines could be improved. They have tried blending ( probably where those items are added in )some Whiskeys before, and that didn't help either. Fortunately most bourbons are a delight. BTW 75% of the US bourbon supply is made in just three Central Ky. counties. Some of us like it!--John
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  7. Undertow

    Undertow My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I am not surprised in the least. Look at Jose Cuervo Gold - 51% blue agave, 49% "distilled spirits" aka vodka. You can call Cuervo tequilla until you're blue in the face, but it's really just window washer. Same pretty much goes for bourbons.

    Boy, a nice bourbon on the rocks sounds fantastic right now. If I still have some mint left, I may make a Julep later! ;)
  8. It is time to have a bourbon over ice, I agree!--John
  9. tealseal

    tealseal A-List Customer

    Does anyone actually do this? The only real tequila is a 100% agave reposado or anjeo, preferably neat, out of a tequila glass. "Gold" tequila is not only not tequila, but has caramel colouring in it as well!!
    I had Maker's 46 on the 4th. I quite enjoyed it!
  10. Blanton's is my bourbon of choice...over a little ice. Boy, one would be good right about now...
  11. 1961MJS

    1961MJS Call Me a Cab


    I like Jim Beam for Bourbon and Coke, Maker's Mark for sipping. One thing that struck me though is that the better bourbon's are great, but the mediocre bourbon's (slightly better than the 10% Bourbon, and 90% pure grain alcohol and carmel coloring ones) are still o.k. I also drink Scotch, but I can't drink Cutty Sark or Johnny Walker. I guess bourbon's are a closer family, but the Scotch's aren't.

  12. The Black Bean is quite good for my tastes.
  13. Angus Forbes

    Angus Forbes One of the Regulars

    My tastes are about the same as those mentioned above. For me Evan Williams is a good, relatively cheap Bourbon, although I like Maker's Mark considerably better, especially when someone else is buying ;) . I dislike most blended Scotch, in fact almost all blended Scotch except for Famous Grouse, but I absolutely adore a good single malt.
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  14. I like Buffalo Trace & Four Roses. I still go for Virginia Gentleman if I am mixing it = double distilled.
    I read/heard that Eagle Rare is the basic brand of Rip Van Winkle. They just age it longer & bottle it separate.
    I've sampled the older Pappy Vin Winkle's & that is some smooth stuff.
  15. 1961MJS

    1961MJS Call Me a Cab


    I like the Famous Grouse, at least in part because of the W. E. B. Griffin Marine Corps novels, but its supposed to be the bar brand Scotch of Scotland... Have you tried Dewar's White Label? I drank that until I got into the grouse.

  16. Angus Forbes

    Angus Forbes One of the Regulars

    Same here -- Before I discovered the Grouse, Dewar's White Label was my go-to blended.
  17. Here in the UK Famous Grouse is regarded as a pretty standard blended scotch, but it's still several notches better than Bells, which is the standard one you get in bars and pubs in England.

    Tried Johnny Walker Black Label last week, as a belated tribute to a favourite writer, the late Christopher Hitchens, who referred to it as 'Mr Walker's amber restorative'. Very nice it was, too!
  18. Stanley Doble

    Stanley Doble Call Me a Cab

    I was told that you can age whiskey with ultrasound.
  19. katon

    katon New in Town

    Wasn't Bottled-in-Bond bourbon the Golden Era standard?

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