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Can anyone help me date this awesome double breasted linen jacket?

Discussion in 'Suits' started by mattface, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. mattface

    mattface Practically Family

    I'm getting ready to post this linen jacket in my Etsy shop, and was hoping to tap into the knowledge here to put up an accurate time frame for it.

    Linen Jacket by mattface, on Flickr
    Wm. Filene's Sons Co. Boston by mattface, on Flickr

    I'd really appreciate anyone's input as to the approximate period of this piece. Thanks!

  2. It's from the late 1930s or early 1940s, and it looks more like thick Palm Beach cloth (a blend of cotton, wool and mohair) than linen.
  3. mattface

    mattface Practically Family

    Oh! very interesting on the cloth. That's probably correct, the tag in the collar does say Palm Beach though I've never heard of that fabric. Thank you!
  4. mattface

    mattface Practically Family

    dherman, your inbox is full, but in answer to your question:

    Similar Also a 42, but fits me a little better than the Tux (which is already sold). measurements are similar, but it's a little roomier across the shoulders and in the waist area.

  5. You're very welcome. There are vintage clothing enthusiasts who look specifically for jackets and trousers made of pre-1950s Palm Beach cloth. To attract these folks, be sure that you write "Palm Beach Cloth" in your auction's title.
  6. mattface

    mattface Practically Family

    Done and done. thanks again. Maybe i should get a better shot of the collar tag.

  7. You definitely should include a clear, close shot of the "Palm Beach Cloth" tag. It might also be best to get the jacket professionally pressed before taking photos of it. (Thick Palm Beach Cloth is very difficult to press yourself.)
  8. No need to do that. It's now mine all mine. :)
  9. Congrats! :D
  10. mattface

    mattface Practically Family


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