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Coffee Grinders

Discussion in 'Skills and Smarts' started by Brian Sheridan, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:12 PM.

  1. Who here has a vintage coffee bean grinder? Can you share of picture of it? I was thinking about getting one off of Ebay but wanted to see and hear recommendations from all of you. I'm guessing that most are the hand-cranked kind. Do those work well? Thanks for posting.
  2. The Arcade Crystal No. 3 or Crystal No. 4 are by far my favorite coffee mills. They are adjustable to any grind, and are quick and convenient to use. arcade 1927No4Ad.jpg

    The original Hobart KitchenAid A-9 electric grinder of 1939 is also easily available, and is a good grinder, though not quite as simple to use as the Arcade.


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