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Doc Savage

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by Heater, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Heater

    Heater Familiar Face

    Any fand here? I like the mindless adventure, exotic locales, and airships, autogyros, machine pistols, etc. I started reading them in the 70s and I still pick one up once in a while.


  2. DesertDan

    DesertDan One Too Many

    I had the full series of books with the type cover art you posted. I only have a couple left (I need to remeady that).
    Love the Doc Savage stories.

    The movie from the 70's was pretty bad.

    I find it interesting that Hollywood hasn't mined that particular story as of yet.
  3. Mahagonny Bill

    Mahagonny Bill Practically Family

    I like the radium. Doc puts it everywhere; people's shoes, baby carriages, grocery parcels, anywhere on anything he wants to keep track of.

    There are a few Doc Savage threads on the Lounge like this one. Feel free to post new comments in old threads when you find them, it will bring that thread to the top of the stack and start a whole new conversation.
  4. Definitely some fans on this site. I've bought the paperbacks, the original pulps and now I'm buying the Nostalgia Ventures reprints that include the original art. Somehow, I still don't have all 181 of the original stories. :(

    The Wolf
  5. I keep meaning to pick them up. I saw a film years ago on television here in the UK - Doc Savage and the Green Death. I know nothing about it - I was about eight at the time - but I seem to remember enjoying it in the same was as the Tales of the Gold Monkey series.
  6. I read a few as a kid. It was one of those series where the wealthy and priveledged certainly did not live mundane lives.
  7. I'm going to a Doc Savage convention this week-end in Glendale, Arizona. I'm used to temperate weather in Santa Rosa and am not sure how to dress for Arizona.
    Anyone else going?

    the Wolf
  8. DesertDan

    DesertDan One Too Many

    Haven't heard of that convention, but I have been out of the scene for a long time.
    It is still quite warn during the day (90's) and cool at night (mid 60's). Monsoons are over so things are pretty much dry and sunny.

    Definitely give us an update when you get back.
    Have a safe trip and a good time.
  9. I used to have most of the series and I'm getting them again... I've only gotten about a dozen right now. Definitely a fan.
  10. I got back from the convention and had a lot of fun. Anthony Tollin, who worked on Batman comics, writes about old time radio and is helping reprint the Shadow and Doc pulps, was there. He brought the hat that was used by the models on the Shadow pulp covers and talked about all sorts of things. Kez, who does the Doc fantasy covers (http://www.miscmayhemprods.com/doc/) showed how he put together some of his covers. All sorts of cool things were available.
    Jay ran the con well and was a great guy.
    Next year will be the sixteenth con and 80th anniversary of Doc Savage.

    The Wolf
  11. DesertDan

    DesertDan One Too Many

    Is next years convention scheduled for Phoenix too?
    Glad you had a great time and a good trip.
  12. I believe it will be in Arizona next year as well. Check out Arizona Doc Con on Facebook to get more info and see photos of this years convention.

    The Wolf
  13. When I was a kid, my father told about the type of stuff he read as a kid; Doc Savage, The Phantom, The Shadow and so on. I read as many as I could find. Now we have, Dirk Pitt (horrible). Those old novels were much better.
  14. robrinay

    robrinay Practically Family

    Doc Savage -the Philip Jose Farmer angle

    Check out books by Farmer on Doc Savage - a google search will tell you whether you'll find his views on the character worth reading. For what it's worth I really enjoyed them - he envisages links with Tarzan.
  15. Effingham

    Effingham A-List Customer

    I love Doc Savage. Even enjoyed (through squinted eyes) the movie, more or less.

    I had no idea there was a convention. Hm. I've been wanting to visit Arizona anyway...
  16. It's funny but all Doc fans were disappointed by the movie but we all own it.

    The Wolf
  17. Effingham

    Effingham A-List Customer

    That's pretty much true.
  18. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    Doc Savage. Batman. The Spirit.
  19. MikeKardec

    MikeKardec Practically Family

    I don't believe we'll see another DS movie because the character isn't a "brand name" like all those comic book heroes. Doc, like most of the pulp adventure characters, has slipped from sight for far too long.

    The level of science and the general understanding of the world we live in also is in conflict with the DS style. Though it was damn good "scifi" for the time, it really isn't any more. Our world holds too few mysteries (such a loss) and that damn blue marble photo (the beautiful shot of earth from Apollo 17) is a horrible thing in my mind. That and google earth are the end of the sort of earthbound mystery and adventure the pulps were known for.

    Possibly Doc needs to populate a hyper 1930s pseudo reality like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow ... now THAT would be a lot of fun.

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