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Favorite Uniforms

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Vintage lover, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Vintage lover

    Vintage lover A-List Customer

    I was wondering what some favorite uniforms of the lounge are. I personally like the look of the Uniforms of the First Napoleonic Empire, as well as the American Uniforms used in the Spanish American war, specifically the use of mandarin collars.
    Here is a website with lots of Napoleonic Uniforms for reference
  2. This is a tough one. There are so many great looking uniforms throughout history that to try and pick one or two is difficult. If I had to choose, I particularly like the militaria of the Roman republic around the time of Julius Caesar. When you had a high ranking soldier with all that regalia and colo and the red crested helmets, I think that is the best. Then again, I did study Latin in high school for 3 years.

    If I had to make a number 2 choice, I would say the English uniforms of the medieval period with all the colors and coats of arms.
  3. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You know me! I still say Deutsche Luftwaffe!

    -Oberst von Cannon
  4. SoWesPac khaki for me--still practical and professional, and far enough from "current issue" to be viable for everyday wear (as long as the wearer conducts themself appropriately) even around large military bases like the newly merged "Joint Base Lewis-McChord"*snort*.
  5. Cobden

    Cobden Practically Family

    British Officers Infantry 1902 Pattern Full Dress...you can't beat a well tailored red coat
  6. Bingo

    Bingo New in Town

    Although not a uniform as such. American Indian warriors looked amazing.
    I agree Napoleonic (Calvary in particular) looks good as well.

    But I vote for the Greek Hoplite.
  7. I have to go along with General Patton. I think the German uniforms of WWII are the best. My favorites are Luthwaffa and one that I don't want to get any flack over.
  8. plain old dave

    plain old dave A-List Customer

    In no particular order:

    WW1 era USN E1-E6 Service Dress Blues
    WW2 era USN E1-E6 Undress Whites/Undress Blues
    USN Aviation Greens
    USN Service Dress Khaki
  9. Vintage lover

    Vintage lover A-List Customer

    On German WWII Uniforms, it is my understanding that Hugo Boss was the designer of the SS uniforms, but I am not sure about other uniforms of the Reich.
  10. My favorite is the WW1 U.S. Army Officer's uniform.
  11. WWI German Naval Officer's uniform (essentially copied from the British).

    WWII German U-Boat leathers (I say this because I own a repro. set and while they may not be the fanciest looking, they sure keep one warm when one is outside in the cold wind and snow).

    WWII German Naval Officer's uniform (also essentially copied from the British).

    I also like:

    WWI German stormtroop uniform and WWII Russian Black Seas Fleet uniform.
  12. Sgt Brown

    Sgt Brown One of the Regulars

    The only way to beat a set of WWII Pinks and Greens is with a pair of pre-war Pinks and Greens with boots, breeches and leather Sam Brown.

  13. USMC dress blues. There is no second place.
  14. Vintage lover

    Vintage lover A-List Customer

    I do have to say the USMC blues are probably the best looking modern uniform. Probably because they take their design from past U.S Uniforms. I just wish the Marines weren't equipped with a sword that is a wall hanger and not real.
  15. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    The Mameluke sword carried by Marine officers is a real weapon that honors the American naval victory over Tripolian pirates. :)
    ...and it's quite a pig sticker at that. :D
  16. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

    I was going to chime in on this. I agree. I also like the Navy dress whites though.
  17. 1961MJS

    1961MJS Call Me a Cab


    For toughness and looks: 1. USMC Service Uniform; 2. US Army Pinks and Greens; 3. US Navy Whites; 4. Allgemeine SS Black uniform; and 5. British WW1 Officer's uniforms.

    For wearing and comfort; 1. US / Confederate Civil War Uniform; and 2. SoPac Khaki's. The civil war uniforms were layered, the wool breathes and wears pretty well. I used to reenact the 9th Texas Infantry. Khaki's are cool, except when wet, but nothing is much fun to wear wet.

    The ONLY good thing about the Allgemeine SS was their uniforms. They were the party hacks, didn't fight or guard concentration camps. The Gestapo wore them too though. :rage:

  18. Vintage lover

    Vintage lover A-List Customer

    Thanks for the info and correction. I had just heard that the modern swords issued were not made to the same specifications as their predecessors. Glad to hear that they are genuine!
  19. Must be the lack of uniformity and preference of a personal touch as shown by RAF fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain. Seamens/navy sweaters, pyjamas, schoolscarfs, pullovers, top button undone...everything worked.




    On both sides really:

    Later in the desert airforce: The combo of shorts and leather flyingboots. :eusa_clap



    Still in the desert: The "uniforms" of LRDG:


    Maybe I just don't like uniforms and regulations all that much!
  20. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    I like the 1940's NYPD uniforms, the late 1960's through late 1970's LAPD uniforms. The 1815 Gendarme and French Imperial Fussiler Uniforms(there were many variations) the 1930's London Met Police uniforms. The best modern uniform is the Italian Carabinieri uniforms.

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