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gibson and barnes

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by omar, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. omar

    omar New in Town

    Ok- I had to do it; now I'm looking for validation! Ebay item 400091492659; Listed as a GB A2, but it looks like a ANJ-3 to me, 99 bucks, buy it now, I'm not even sure it will fit me, in fact considering my rather fussy obssesion with fit, I'm banking that it won't. This looked like a lot of jacket for the money, and I could not let it go-did I do ok- or screw up??
  2. Vornholt

    Vornholt One of the Regulars

    I believe that's actually their F-82 jacket. You'll find it on their Web site. It's a hybrid of an A-2 with a bi-swing back and some other modern elements.

    I was considering one of those. When you get it, kindly post your impressions, please?
  3. omar

    omar New in Town

    Thanks for the info; I'll be happy to let you know what I think, But I'll tell you where my point of view is coming from, so judge accordingly- I've never had a Aero, I've been seduced by cheap crap, and my favorite A2 is a old 38 Cooper that fits like a second skin. This winter I'm wearing a Avirex g-8 that I'm grow ing rather fond of , so I guess I'm a bit of a B team snob! I'll be in touch . Omar
  4. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Nothing wrong with cheap crap, Omar. G&B however are top quality, brilliant build, choice leather. The jackets I've got from them are sensational. The goat used is as good as it gets. The only drawback is that they're a bit too perfect, too well manufactured and they look a little stiff, even antiseptic. But if you wear the hell out of them, they relax and no problems. The jacket you've identified is a lovely!
  5. 442RCT

    442RCT One of the Regulars

    :eusa_clap Ya got a great deal there. A G&B ANJ-3 came up later in a size 42 S on eBay and the seller originally wanted a BIN of $299.99 for his G&B. After a day or two, he changed it to best offer. He must have wanted to close his auction and said he'd take the first offer of $ 185. If I had been on line, I would have jumped on it, some other lucky buyer got it. :eusa_doh:

    I've always preferred the G-1 body with bi-swing back and inside pocket with a plain leather collar. Even though I currently own at least a dozen A-2s and G-1's, my 'go-to' jacket is a patched G-1, which has molded itself to my body over the last decade. The ironic thing is, I much prefer the A-2's looks, but the G-1 is more comfortable for me to wear. [huh]
  6. Daniel Hunter

    Daniel Hunter One of the Regulars

    I have several Flight Suits (Gibson & Barnes) jackets and they're all excellent.

    The only knock against them is the jackets don't have "character" like an Aero. Aero jackets will show minor variations in stitching and panel construction like we'd expect in a hand made jacket. G&B jackets are perfect as if they were made by robots. The goatskin they use is the finest I've ever seen.
  7. johnnyjohnny

    johnnyjohnny Practically Family

    G&B ANJ-3

    ooops, i looked again, sharper eyes above named it as the F82 by gibson and barnes...the tell tale being the side entry pockets on the front, next to the patch pockets...

    not an historic jacket, but something g and b came up with, still a nice price for sure

    hope it fits tho...their jackets run according to civilian sizes, so a 38 will fit you if you are indeed a 38, versus getting a 1970s milspec g-1 size 38, which would fit a size 36 at most

    aside from the size issue, and that it's not an anj-3, it's a nice purchase!
  8. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    gibson -barnes make a nice jacket for there sizing they run big. i am a size 38 in a jacket my 2 jackets from g-b are a size 36
  9. johnnyjohnny

    johnnyjohnny Practically Family

    you are correct sir
  10. omar

    omar New in Town

    Okay- Since there has been some action on this thread, I'll pass on my conclusions since I've got the jacket. Everybody who has posted seems to know what they are talking about! The jacket is so nice it really is almost too nice- seems to be lacking a little personality. And it's big- too big {in my opinion} to be tagged as a 38R. I'd almost call it a 42L if I had to guess. This is a theme with me- I've bought {and sold} a slug of really nice jackets that I've come to classify as "fat guy jackets". These are really nice jackets by great companies who seem to cut flight jackets two sizes bigger than you would expect for some reason I have yet to figure out. And just for the record, I'm not a real small guy' I'm 5'7" 135 lbs, and have had a hard time finding good fit in a modern jacket. If anybody out there is interested, I will be relisting this jacket this month for about what I paid for it so stay tuned!!
  11. 442RCT

    442RCT One of the Regulars

    I'll stay tuned...are the sleeves really that long ? I usually wear a 40 or 42 in a Cooper A-2.
  12. Sounds typical of the 80s. My first flight jacket (bought a couple of years ago, now long sold and replaced with WW2 era patterns) was a copy of a Schott, and as such had that very baggy cut as they were made to in the 80s and on. You'd think that a bigger guy could simply 'downsize' for a trimmer fit, though in my eperience of the baggy leathers typical of that period, that wasn't always the case (low armholes, short underarms, etc....), so I'd be wary of shelling out for a smaller one without the chance to try it on first.
  13. omar

    omar New in Town

    Edward, you're right on the money with your reply; It's been my experience that the newer the jacket, the baggier the cut; my problem is one of being a bit of a naive optimist who can't stay off of ebay.As far as your question on the sleeves, 442RCT, yeah, they are really long. My favorite jacket for fit is a old 38 Cooper {I also have a 40 which I'll wear with something under it} and the GB when hung next to it makes the Cooper look like a boy"s jacket. Pretty cool jacket art on your avatar by the way!
  14. kampkatz

    kampkatz Practically Family

    The wonderful thing about being able to buy and sell on line(or a thrift store) is that you are never really stuck with something you aren't satisfied with.
  15. 442RCT

    442RCT One of the Regulars

    I guess I'll take a pass on any G&B jackets, unless it's a 38 S, I'm glad I 'lost' that 42S on eBay. I'm guessing that jacket would have fit me like a tent. Thanks for the heads up.

    The jacket art on my avatar was a 'tribute' to the Flying Tigers. I designed and painted it, I wanted a plane, a dame and a name. The only thing I knew about flight jacket art, I picked up from a couple of books, "Hell Bent for Leather" and "Cowboys of the Sky"...I didn't know that the jacket art portrayed in the books wasn't exactly 'authentic'. I painted another Flying Tigers jacket for a friend who sold aviation art and substituted a blood chit for the 48 star flag.

  16. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    a-2 gibson barnes jacket

    i have a new gibson barnes a-2 jacket for sale size 36 color dark mahoney nice jacket the jacket new 638.00 make me a offer my email is bdfd6@aol.com thank you
  17. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    best price today for my a-2 horsehide jacket 200.00 thanks

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