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Help finding hat - small head!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by johnnygriswold, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post on the board, so go easy on me if I sound like a complete hat novice (which I am).

    My main problem finding a good fedora (or ANY fedora for that matter) is that my head is small. There are a ton of nice hats out there, but just look silly on me once I try them on. Either the brim is not stingy enough (is that the correct lingo?), or the top of the hat is too high.

    I really like the hats from Biltmore, but I can't find one with a center/front creases that also have a stingy brim. I'm looking for something about 1 1/2". Also looking for the top of the hat (not sure what that's technically called) to be not so high.

    Can anyone recommend a custom hat maker?

    Any others with a small head have some links to check out? (Though, I've searched the net upside and down with no luck)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me.

    EDIT: Just did a quick measure, and my head size is 21 1/2 to 21 3/4 (depending on where I position the tape measure and how tight i place it around my head...)
  2. Welcome to the Lounge John....
    This joint is full of custom hatters, just do around 15 post and do a search.
    good luck in your search.
  3. As RBH noted, there are custom hatters who will give you exactly what you want.

    Btw, what is your hat size?

    Hiya JG!

    Your measurements work out to be:
    21-1/2" is a US size 6-3/4 and in metric a 54.
    21-3/4" is a US Size 6-7/8 and in metric a 55.

    Actually, in a way, you are fortunate. Should you peruse EBAY, a number of vintage fedoras do come up in your size regularly and there doesn't seem to be as great a number of bidders within that range of headsize, so you have a better chance of winning than the average guy.

    Good luck in your search for the stingyest of brims.
  5. Haha. This is the longest search I've ever been on for a hat, but once I find one that looks good, I'll be sure to buy three of 'em!
  6. fatwoul

    fatwoul Practically Family

    The Akubra Federation is available in sizes down to 55, and the Akubra Federation Deluxe down to size 54. They are (IMO) reasonably priced, look good and, as you will find mentioned here, HatsDirect are a great company to deal with.

    Welcome to FL. :)
  7. funneman

    funneman Practically Family

    "I feel your pain"

    I'm a size seven with a very slight build and a small face.

    I too sometimes feel like my hat is wearing me as opposed to the other way around. Anything bigger than a two inch brim feels like I'm wearing antlers.

    I would suggest trying a two-inch brim dobbs or stetson, Mallory or Knox, etc., from ebay. A two inch brim seems to be wide enough to still give you that fedora look without over taking your face. I gotten several 7s or under twenty-five dollars including shipping. John is right, there are tons of 6-7/8s to be had for a bargain and not very many bidders. We're blessed.

    To bring the crown height down, try bashing in a C shape or teardrop crown.
    That uses up a little more felt than a center bash and brings the height down
    a little more.

    I find that I actually have to wear a new aquistion for a while, even try a couple of different bashes before I finally shape it the way I want it.

    Heck, ain't that part of the fun?

    So heat up the tea kettle, get a good stiff paint brush and get to work.

    Welcome aboard.
  8. They are anything but stingy brims.
  9. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here


    John is exactly right. I have a small head just like you & I started out inthe same boat as you my friend. I thought all I wanted was a Stingy Brim hat....and indeed my very 1st was a Stingy, very stingy 1 1/4" to be exact.
    We are fortunate when it comes to Vintage hats & ebay with our size, and the price usually is very affordable. You might want to go there & do a few searches 1st....you may be pleasantly surprised to what you stumble upon. You can always reshape the crown differently if you don't like the way it looks, so don't worry about that. Good luck.
  10. Welcome, Johnny!

    As others have posted, yours is a size that often turns up great bargains on wonderful hats on ebay. At least you shouldn't have the problems I've had finding hats for a family member who wears about a 6 1/2 or less!

    Enjoy your hunt!
  11. fatwoul

    fatwoul Practically Family

    Agreed, but it's much easier to remove felt than add it, right? ;)

    At least with one of those hats, the quality is there, and he wouldn't get stung* by an overpriced wool stingy on eBay. At least with an Akubra of some kind, Johnny could see himself in a larger brim before deciding exactly how much to cut off.

    (* See what I did there? Stung? Man, I'm hilarious.)
  12. I'll echo what was said earlier - in that hat size, you can find all kinds of nice vintage hats on Ebay! For instance, I have a nice vintage Silver Belly Stetson Open Road I need to sell that's about your size - I bought via Ebay but the seller was incredibly inaccurate in stating the hat's measurement. I just haven't had time to put it in the classifieds. Message me if you're interested in pictures.
  13. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a fantastic hat in 6 7/8 that I wished would fit me and eventually sold for 10-20 bucks, if anything, I would've been able to afford this open-crown in my giant 7 5/8 size. Keep your eye on eBay like everyone has suggested. Trust me!
  14. Thanks fellas. I'll keep an eye out on Ebay and see if i can get lucky. (But I want my hat nowwwwww!) haha
  15. As others have noted, you will find a great selection of vintage hats in your size at excellent prices.
  16. Wanna trade heads?

    With my 7-5/8 size I am severely handicapped in the hat department.:(
    Seems all I ever see is smaller sizes. Check out your local thrift stores, chances are they will have a hat or two from time to time. I almost always seem to find stingy brims from the 50s or 60s whenever I do manage to find something, and they are smaller sizes 99 percent of the time.
    Good luck with your search.

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