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Insurrection / Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Nathan Flowers, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family


    If a size 40 cafe racer fit me perfectly what size in this 30's half belt would fit me? And is the fit very comparable to the cafe racer?
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  2. Hi sweetfights,

    It is likely that you would be the same size in the 1930s Half Belt, but the fit is really different from the Cafe Racer. The 1930s Half Belt has a straight fit (more room in the waist, less room in the shoulders) that is defined by the side straps at the waist. The side straps expand and contract to give you a more relaxed or a more tapered silhouette. This is a case where we would use a 1930s Half Belt fit jacket to verify sizing...the Cafe Racer gives us a ballpark idea, but the half belt fit jacket would allow us to dial in the fit!
  3. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    Thank you Carrie!!
  4. Someone's gonna claim this one :cool:! Sweet custom Aero Sheene in Brown CXL FQHH with a navy cotton sateen lining! The Sheene continues to be a popular option for those looking for a more tapered version of the classic Highwayman style. You can read more about the Aero Sheene on our product page--https://www.thurston-bros.com/products/in-stock-aero-sheene

    Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH 9GB front.jpg Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH 9GB navy sateen lining.jpg Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH 9GB tag.jpg Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH 9GB chest pocket.jpg Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH 9GB back.jpg
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  5. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Got. To. Be. Getting. Closer.
    Every time I open this thread:
  6. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    That is my baby!!! Sweet!!!
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  7. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    It's coming Ton!
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  8. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    This is nothing. Worst is the day it's out on delivery... And you're not at home.
  9. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    'Til then I'll live vicariously through you! Post up some pics man. That is one killer jacket and the navy blue liner!?! 100% USDA PRIME!!!
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  10. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    I get it on Friday- 1 week from today
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  12. The classic Vanson Model F in gorgeous Octagon cowhide! This jacket will be spending its first winter with its new owner in Italy! We have lots of Vanson custom and stock orders coming through production right now...if you'd like to get into the queue with a custom order, contact us at sales@thurston-bros.com. You can read more about our custom Vanson process here--https://www.thurston-bros.com/pages/custom-vanson

    Vanson Model F Octagon AY5 front.jpg Vanson Model F Octagon AY5 tag.jpg Vanson Model F Octagon AY5 chest pocket.jpg Vanson Model F Octagon AY5 open.jpg Vanson Model F Octagon AY5 back.jpg
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  13. Superb fit on our customer Paul in his custom Aero 1930s Half Belt in Black CXL FQHH!


    Aero 1930s Half Belt customer fit photo 14.jpg
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  14. Custom Aero Ridley in the classic Three-Pocket front design! The Brown FQHH looks great with the Black Watch tartan. This jacket is currently en route to its new home in Austin, TX! If you'd like to get fitted for a custom Aero, contact us at sales@thurston-bros.com to reserve a fit jacket and secure a spot in the production queue. Check out the details here--https://www.thurston-bros.com/pages/custom-aero

    Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 Black Watch tartan lining.jpg Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 front.jpg Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 tag.jpg Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 chest pocket.jpg Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 back.jpg Aero Ridley Brown CXL FQHH RP33 shoulder gusset.jpg
  15. bigwill837

    bigwill837 New in Town

    Hey, that’s mine!!! ^^^

    Thanks for all of your help, Carrie! Really looking forward to rockin’ this jacket!
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  16. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    Received this jacket- Amazing quality. Thank you Carrie
  17. A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends here and abroad!

    We'll be enjoying the day off with family tomorrow, then we'll be back in the thick of it on Friday morning.

    Marilyn Monroe with Turkey.jpg
  18. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    Before you go, I need to make sure that my size 38.57 Half Belt has all brass hardware, a Royal Stewart Tartan (medium thickness please, if not, go with heavy). Please add storm cuffs, and I actually want to subtract an inch and one half from my test jacket length of 25.37. As for sleeves, please subtract four inches. Also, please find the absolutely juiciest batch of Vicenza you can obtain and also, I wanted to call to go over the differences (in detail) of full-grain vs. top grain leather. Finally, will you ship to Sri Lanka? Please respond!

    Just kidding. Enjoy your Holiday!
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  19. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sadly I see a lot of myself in this order request:oops:

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