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Looking for feedback on an Aero order

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by grey_goat, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. grey_goat

    grey_goat New in Town

    Hi all,

    Below are the specs I've come up with in ordering a jacket from Aero. I've hunted around these forums for several months and have already placed my order. I'm looking here for any feedback if someone notices something odd... like option 'A' doesn't work well with option 'B' and such. This has been a great resource!

    Thanks in advance!

    Style / Fit:
    30’s half belt style, slim cut
    Route 66 back
    single tightening strap at the halfbelt’s location
    2 panel arms
    slimmer arms
    front and back equally long
    2” strip leather at hem on inside
    2 G-1 style pockets in lining, snap closure
    2 hand warmer pockets, angled
    1 breast pocket, angled
    antique brass hardware
    cuff type like ‘bruce willis’ surrogates jacket, leather lined.
    2 way zip
    storm flap

    black FQHH
    douglas weathered tartan lining on body
    black cotton drill sleeves
    moleskin lined pockets

    6'1", 200lbs. Most people think I'm about 20lbs lighter, but I've got pretty thick legs.
    chest size, 41 exhaled, 42 inhaled
    waist 36
    hips 38
    sleeve length 37

    Things I’m unsure of:
    27” sleeve (definitely want longer sleeves. Like it to touch top knuckle of pinkey)
    27” back (definitely want longer back from most of what I see posted here)
  2. Sounds like a good spec. FWIW, I don't see much use for a double ended zip on a jacket this short, though it would look kinda cool, I imagine.
  3. Splitcoil

    Splitcoil One of the Regulars

    The G-1 style pockets in the lining... haven't seen that done before. Do you mean patch pockets like on a Navy G-1, but applied to the lining? You may come to regret that. With a slim-fitting jacket in FQHH, once it gets broken in, especially once it's gotten good and wet out in the weather, you're almost certainly going to see the outline of those pockets on the front of the jacket. They may also be bulky enough to mess with the fit on a slim-ish jacket. Have you considered the 'gun pocket' type of pocket inside instead?
  4. Here's where the normal G1 pockets are located...



    No printing at all on the outside with any of mine.
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  5. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I have G-1 pockets on most all of my leather jackets, even a Goodwear A-2, and as HD says, there is no printing.
  6. Aether

    Aether One of the Regulars

    The G1 pocket on my 50's hb has left a pretty visible imprint, must admit it bugs me a bit.
  7. so far none of mine with those pockets are showing, but maybe if yours does you need to beat it up more so it won't show? I'd imagine if it's smooth on the front panel, it might show more?
  8. Aether

    Aether One of the Regulars

    I've got pockets on both sides and it's only the plain panel that shows. It's already pretty well broken in (courtesy of the British climate) but as it's a raised area it'll only get more apparent with age. I can live with it as the added convenience off the pockets it's worth it, but the OP might want to bear it in mind.
  9. grey_goat

    grey_goat New in Town

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm guessing the show through of the pockets would depend a fair bit on how often they're used and what goes in them. I doubt I'll use them particularly often, but it'd be nice to have the option. I'll keep 'em.

    The 2-way zip as being unnecessary might be true. I could just see a jacket this stiff riding up rather than flexing if it's zipped all the way down. I believe that the zip doesn't start all the way at the bottom though, so it may be a moot point. I think the photos of the iron heart with double zips looks pretty cool.
  10. I wish I had done double zips on my HBD Aero.
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