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Lunch, Anybody?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Bushman, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Searched around, couldn't find one. Here's a thread to post about lunch! Sandwiches, soups, salads, even leftovers from last night's dinner! What's on the menu for your midday meal?

    Today, I turned leftover roast beef from last night's dinner into a sandwich and cooked it in my panini maker. Was a little tough, but very tasty.
  2. Just had a chicken salad sandwich made from last night's left over chicken breast.

    The best thing about homemade chicken salad is that you don't have to worry about what is in it (too many times I feel restaurants use the scraps, etc.) or how long it has been sitting around.

    Also, as opposed to how most chicken salad is made - from a simple baked or broiled breast (if you use breast meat as we do), ours is made from a marinated breast that was meant to have its own flavor as it was the main dish to a meal. Then, when you use that to make chicken salad, the flavor of the chicken salad is more robust because the chicken itself isn't bland.

    To connect a bit to our bigger themes of the forum: is it just me, or does it seem that less places carry chicken salad than before - is it a food losing popularity? I wasn't alive in the Golden Era, but I always assumed it was popular then - was it?
  3. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Heated up some Tyson chicken wings. They're not great, but they're food. Can't wait until the Buffalo Wild Wings is finished being built. At least it will add something interesting to my boring little town.
  4. Leftover tacos.
  5. Tuna salad sandwich on croissant with lettuce, tomato, and red onion.
  6. Leftover spaghetti today.
  7. Pulled pork sandwiches topped with slaw and a mug of Winter Lager.
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  8. Grilled cheese sandwiches, sour cream and onion chips, zesty dill spears, and chicken noodle soup.
  9. Teriyaki burger and chili fries at Carl's Jr.
  10. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Today it was a po' boy sammich.
  11. What kind??

    Down here when we say po-boy, we usually talkin'bout shrimp.....or crawfish, or crab, or fried fish of some kind....or sometimes even a big ol' link of spicy hot smoked sausage that has spent a little time down in the frier.
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  12. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Shrimp, of course! :)
  13. Good choice!

    I had a chicken biscuit for a late (10:30ish) breakfast/early lunch.
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  14. Tuesday lunch with my regular Tuesday lunch pal --

    Cheeseburger, medium-rare, with cheddar cheese, A-1 sauce, and a pickle. French fries. A Pepsi (no Coke served there). For dessert, a large square of chocolate fudge.

    Tomorrow's lunch -- water and two saltine crackers.
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  15. With the heads on? :p
  16. No heads, but tails. :p

  17. Chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, gravy on both, green beans, salad & 2 slices of corn bread washed down with a bottle of Mexican coke. Desert; pecan pie & coffee.

    I treat myself once week .

    Next week: Fried Shrimp, baked potato,corn on the cob, hot rolls & a bottle of locally made
    Dr.Pepper. Desert : bread pudding or peach cobbler .
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  18. Bugguy

    Bugguy A-List Customer

    How about pimento loaf and swiss cheese on some kind of round flat bread. A few baby (?) carrots on the side. I guess if I got up earlier I could whip up something gourmet, but my bride leaves at 0400 and I'm lucky to get anything. At least one of my office mates made something like pumpkin bread/loaf/who knows and brought it in. It stuck to the ribs, throat, esophagus, etc. all the way down. All with a diet Dr.Pepper chaser.
  19. Gregg Axley

    Gregg Axley I'll Lock Up

    Some trail mix (cashews, almonds, peanuts, and m&m's) along with a protein bar.
    I'm thinking this will be my regular lunch once my department's season starts cranking up.
    Ie, something I can eat while driving...

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