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Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Andrey Ksh, May 23, 2015.

  1. Andrey Ksh

    Andrey Ksh New in Town

    How do you think look rings that real men wear? I saw many examples on different powerful figures, but still cannot come up with the strong concept of what “a men ring” is. Any thoughts on the subject are very welcomed. Also do not hesitate to show what you are wearing.
    Obviously everyone chooses the accessories that fit him the best. But what do you think in general? What kind of rings highlights the manliness?
  2. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    For me, it's only my wedding ring....but....
    I love these:
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  3. O'Sully

    O'Sully Familiar Face

    The only two I wear are my class ring (university) and my wedding ring.
  4. Same here. They both mean something. I'd feel weird with anything else.
  5. kaiser

    kaiser A-List Customer

    Same for me too.
  6. brendanm720

    brendanm720 One of the Regulars

    Just the wedding ring.

    That having been said, the wedding ring was a custom job we ordered from an art gallery on Key West.
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  7. For some attire my Husband wears, I have purchased some "pinky" rings for him over the years. I've color coordinated the color of the rings gemstones, to the colors of suits, fedora hats, and neck ties amd even shoes he may wear. A newer sort of attire project is to find vintage stick pins that match the gems and colors of the rings, with cufflinks. The stick pins go on the hatbands. Some people selling rings or other similar items on eBay do not know a great amount of information regarding what they actually have for sale. I've purchased two stick pins that had real gem stones in them and are 14K gold, but the sellers did not realize the stick pens were not just junk jewelry. So I have made out really well on those.
  8. stevew443

    stevew443 One of the Regulars

    I only wear 2 rings. One is a replacement wedding ring (the original was cut off by hospital staff about 3 years ago) and the 2nd ring is a simple gold and onyx ring that my wife bought for me for our 15th wedding anniversary (which I have been wearing for the past 26 years). My father had a very fancy gold and diamond ring made for himself, and when he died, mom offered it to me, but I refused to take it. It was much too flashy to wear and I could not see sticking it in a box and letting it be forgotten.
  9. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Just a wedding ring for me.
  10. 2075rami

    2075rami One of the Regulars

    Found this one in an antique shop a few months ago. Of course, I had to get the bracelet, as well, since they kinda matched. I wear the ring every day, even to work. The bracelet only gets wrist time on my days off. Hope this helps. Rings are like hats. Wear what you like. [​IMG]

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  11. GHT

    GHT My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Just a wedding ring for me too. But the ring, a plain, band of gold, is one half of a matching pair, my wife wears the other half.
    We will celebrate, if the grim reaper has forgotten us, 50 years wed in a couple of year's time, we might just get ourselves a similar pair of matching eternity rings.
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  12. "Real men" wear whichever rings they like.... I tend to wear three on a daily basis. On my left middle, a titanium ring, plain with a single groove round the middle (it once had a band of rose gold in there, but that alas lifted out. I still have it somewhere); a 9ct gold signet ring with a faceted garnet on my right ring finger, and a square-shouldered band of silver and gold on my right pinky. This pinky ring was a 40th present from my other half; it's the only one that doesn't get switched out for other rings on occasion. I also have a couple of SWS repros of 1940s Mexican biker rings, one with a skull and bones, the other a large Native American design. Those get worn on my middle fingers as and where. A silver skull ring, a copy of the one Keith Richards has long worn, gets occasional wear on my right ring finger, and I have a larger version of the same ring in brass, which I wear occasionally on my left pinky. I plan at some point to get myself a signet ring with my old University crest on it, 9ct gold, for daily wear. At most, I'll wear five rings at any one time; I don't much care for thumb rings, and don't tend to wear rings on my index fingers. I'm not married, and so habitually don't wear a ring on my left hand ring finger. Were I to get married, I can imagine wearing up to six rings on occasion.
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  13. emigran

    emigran Practically Family

    Rarely do these days on a daily basis due to my occupation as an acupuncturist... they bother me... however I wear my grandfather' engagement ring from like 1919... a large garnet flanked by two small diamonds and my father's engagement ring which is a three diamond-in-a-line beauty...Always feel proud to wear them...
    I think one's style and taste are the key factors... wouldn't "t be able to carry of some of the large pieces displayed in this post. Perhaps if I were younger and they fit the wardrobe...
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  14. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    This is the only ring I wear apart from my wedding band.
    I purchased it at the Santa Fe flea market 20years ago.
  15. CapeStorm

    CapeStorm New in Town

    Okay, from my maternal heritage (Indian) men traditionally wear jewellery (and often much of it). In the culture it is both traditional and a status symbol. Till today a mans jewellery is reflective of the caste into which he belongs and serves as a social identification for such things as marriage, job prospects etc. Men often wear heirloom pieces, religious (often associated with astrology) and fashion pieces. From my paternal heritage (Portuguese) men wearing jewellery is often associated with family tradition (eg., signet rings etc). So I often wear quite a bit of jewellery.

    So first I would agree with Edward that "Real men" wear whichever rings they like. I think it depends on the man and his confidence. But there are a few simple rules I like to follow:
    - The size of the ring should be related to the size of the finger. [I wear a two tone (white/yellow gold) thumb ring in a millgrain setting which is quite wide]. There is nothing more ostentatious than a pinkie ring that is so large that it overshadows the other fingers of the hand. [My pinkie finger is only about 1cm wide and the smaller the ring the more classy it looks].
    - There is a difference between a pinkie ring and a signet ring. The latter bearing a crest of sorts, the former not necessarily [i.e., a signet ring may be worn on the little finger].
    - Except for heirloom pieces, the colour of the metal for all rings should be the same (white/yellow).
    - I have both a family signet ring (with paternal crest) as well as several pinkie rings. The pinkie rings are all gemstone set and so I like to match the colour of the gem stone to the dominant colour of the clothing I wear.
    - The number of jewellery pieces on a mans hand should roughly be the same (counting watch and bracelet) for each.
    - Assuming one ring on each finger, there should be no more than 3 rings worn at a time. Sorry Edward five/six rings is really overkill.
    - Allow space between rings so that each may be individually appreciated. So if I'm wearing my signet ring (right ring finger) I won't wear my pinkie ring (normally right hand) as well.
    - It is pretentious and condescending to wear clearly cultural jewellery you don't have a link to. [So if you're not Mexican/Native American stay out of their business]. It is my maternal family's tradition that whenever a boy reaches 18 he is presented with an originally minted gold coin bearing the image of King George VI with his title "IND IMP" [King George was the last "Emperor of India" before India's independence and in my family it symbolizes the boy's independence from the family]. I would really take offense to seeing a German, for example, wear the image of the "Emperor of India".
    - It is always better to wear a few pieces, that you can explain your personal link to (rather than, for example "Kieth Richards wore it").
    - Diamonds may be worn, but keep the ct size small, or else it looks gaudy. Also ensure that if your wearing a solitaire set diamond that the setting is masculine (i.e., avoid prong settings).

    I hope this helps.
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  16. CapeStorm

    CapeStorm New in Town

    Just as a PS.: A Brit may feel entitled to wear the image of King George VI but he should rather avoid a coin which states "IND IMP" for fear of making a political/colonial statement
  17. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Speaking of India, both of the rings I wear are from the subcontinent. I received the wedding ring, a gold ring with a sort of sheild, from my wife's family, and on the other hand I wear a thin gold ring with a beautiful sapphire that was given to me by my wife's father (her family is Indian) when he divested himself of his earthly goods before he passed away. It had previously belonged to his father, who won an M.B.E. from the king for his actions in WWII. According to my father-in-law, the ring goes back several generations, originating in Sri Lanka. Both of the rings are Indian gold, with that lovely reddish color. For several years I've found myself getting lost in the deep blue of that stone.
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  18. Wells

    Wells Familiar Face

    I just wear a promise ring which eventually will be replaced by a wedding ring.
    When it comes to men and rings, I think they should only be worn as a symbol, a representation of something rather than just an accessory.
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  19. I wear two rings. The first is my college ring I received when I was 21 and a senior in college. My late parents paid for it and it was Christmas, upcoming graduation, and I became 21 just 4 months before graduating. Its big but quite lovely and unique. It really means a lot to me.
    The second is my wedding ring modified from many years ago as my best friend is a jeweler and he tales care of me. Channel set diamonds with a nice diamond solitaire. It means more to me. Some days I leave these at home when working but most of the time they are on my hands.
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  20. fiftyforfifty

    fiftyforfifty Sponsoring Affiliate

    Lovely, its great to have meaning full jewelry. Jewelry with real value.
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