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Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Andrey Ksh, May 23, 2015.

  1. Nice. Reminiscent of the SWS line, though I assume this is an original? I'm itching for a new SWS. Usually buy myself one at Rhythm Riot every year, but we skipped last month, so.
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  3. Nice indeed - some very tempting styles on the site. I love the look of the brass ones expcially, though I am a bit wary of unplated brass: I have a huge skull ring that fits my pinky - same design as the Keith Richards ring, very cartoon-villain - looks great, but tends to leave a black-green mark on my finger if I wer it for a couple of days. I keep meaning to get around to painting the inside with some varnish.... Very cool, though. When my nephew was about six and very into pirates, I was well cool when I turned up at Chrsitmas wearing it!
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  4. On my left hand, I always wear my wedding ring which is a simple band with the word "Honor" inscribed on the inside. On my left hand, I wear one of the following on my ring finger, (which one just depends on what I feel like wearing on any given day)

    1. College ring, which I wear the most often.
    2. Masonic Ring (originally belonged to my great-grandfather. Passed on to me when I joined the lodge).
    3. Family Crest Ring with the coat of arms engraved on it.
  5. Trying to think. . . I've got a few rings, but seldom wear them.

    There's a stainless steel ring I picked up somewhere (currently being held by the 5 y.o. daughter of some friends, because she thinks it keeps ghosts away). It is a near-twin of silver ring that had to be cut off my hand after an accident. I suspect it will get more wear when (if?) I get it back.

    There's a southwest style ring that was sans turquoise when I got it. The stone was replaced with a piece of azurite. Every time I see it I regret not saving my pennies til I could get a decent piece of blue turquoise.

    I've got a pinkie ring my step-father's grandfather gave me. He bought it back during Prohibition to try to fit in with his co-workers. He never would tell me what his line of work was, but in Grandma and Grandpa's wedding pictures, there's a guy who looks suspiciously like Al Capone.

    And tucked away in a drawer, I have my wedding band and the one worn by my ex-wife. I never have figured who to do with them, so there they sit.
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  6. MOTO

    MOTO New in Town

    Starlingear Curby and Indian King Baby:

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  7. MOTO

    MOTO New in Town

    They're large and worn on the RingFingers
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  8. 3E2E92BF-6795-4FAB-86B9-9EF4E05BA349.jpeg FADDBB07-7BAF-44D2-B397-1A168D3644A5.jpeg

    Before I retired, I wore two rings. My grandfather’s Masonic ring and my class ring. Now I wear no ties, no rings...and no watch.

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  9. Navajo silver/turquoise ring[​IMG]

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  10. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    I have a new ring I custom commissioned by an artist. It's based on the Resistance ring that is worn by some of the rebel characters in the latest Star Wars movie:
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  11. That's quite fun. I'm surprised I've not seen those as official merchandise yet (it's not often something gets more than a few seconds of screen time in the Star Wars universe without it being available to purchase in some form....).
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  12. shadowrider

    shadowrider One of the Regulars

    When I was in high school, in philosophy class, I remember being fascinated with the "ouroboros" symbol, and I thought I'd wear a ring in its shape when I'd have been a grown up.
    Well finally last year I bought it, in bronze, made in Ukraine. My 17 year old self would be proud.

    bronze, from UKraine, bought.jpg
  13. That is probably the nicest Ouroboros ring I've ever seen. Most of them look like the maker had never seen a snake, let alone considered how their bodies flex. I'll have to watch for one.
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  14. shadowrider

    shadowrider One of the Regulars

    Thanks! It took me a while to find one I actually liked.
  15. I'm wearing a silver band paired with a hammered, heat-blued copper cuff. I prefer simple, non-shiny, well-worn appearing pieces. [​IMG]

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  16. Blackadder

    Blackadder One Too Many

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