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My new US Authentic HH A2

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Hammerklavier, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Well we all know from the photos that period fit was all over the place and I am quite willing to accept that in the war some men were given A2's that were a size or two too big, like Villzillas, as that was what the Quartermaster had. The A2 is an unforgiving jacket and I have to say it always stops me wanting one when I see the trouble people have getting sleeves and bodies that aren't ballooning all over the place.
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  2. IXL

    IXL One Too Many

    ^^^^^ Well, you just haven't seen me in mine yet.......:)
  3. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    nice when the sleeves do not tunnel this is my hilts realmcoy a2 jacket size 38 Photo on 9-8-17 at 1.34 PM #2.jpg
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  4. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    If you can't see the knits on your sleeves at all, I guarantee you that the shoulders will be sliding off you as well, which is objectively 'ill-fitting'. This is not WWII, these jackets are not being chucked at you by a quartermaster, you don't have to 'settle'. As Seb has said, A2s can be hard to get right and it can be frustrating, but if I'd chucked £££ at something and the knits were buried somewhere half-way up my jacket sleeves, I'd ask for a smaller size or flip it.
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  5. kasa7

    kasa7 Familiar Face

    Speaking of fit Captura de ecrã total 27-11-2013 112434.bmp.jpg
    I really don't like it; but is my opinion.
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  6. Tommy-VF51

    Tommy-VF51 One of the Regulars

    Having played around with a Cooper, which was a nice enough jacket but wasn't 'it', I wouldn't settle for anything less than at very least an Aero. Ideally I would want an Eastman or Goodwear, since having seen most of the current manufacturers work in person I believe them to be the best in my humble opinion. That is not to say there aren't others out there doing excellent work.

    I also appreciate that not everyone can afford the prices of these manufacturers and there are some changing hands for stupid prices on eBay (to the point where you'd be much better going through Eastmans directly or say HPA). However a member offered me a goatskin A2 for a very fair price on here and there are other forums. Surely better to wait or save, than get something mass produced and ill fitting?
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  7. El Marro

    El Marro Practically Family

    I agree completely. I just picked up a Good Wear in size 48 off eBay for less then half what they cost new. The jacket had been very well cared for and aside from a couple small water spots could pass for brand new.
    Deals like that pop up from time to time if one has the patience to wait for them.
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  8. I've had three previously-owned Good Wears, and IMO, after many, many, other A-2's purchased over the years from various makers, JC's is simply the best. Out of the three, I ended up keeping this GW Rough Wear 27752 in Shinki HH as my "Grail" jacket. It fits like it was made for me, and the detailing is outstanding... :cool:

    EDIT: For more detailed pics, mine is the very jacket shown on JC's site to represent the contract. ;) Some good comparison shots also with an original:



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  9. El Marro

    El Marro Practically Family

    That is a beautiful jacket Technonut and indeed it does fit as though it were made for you! Both of my GW's are different shades of light russet and I would love to find one in dark seal as yours appears to be.
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  10. daw

    daw New in Town

    Outstanding jacket and fit, Technonut.

    I've had a number of A2's too, including Avirex, Orchard Branded, Aero and GW, and the GW is by for the nicest I've owned. My Grail jacket.
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  11. kasa7

    kasa7 Familiar Face

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