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my visit to the jacket tailor today

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by navetsea, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    yeah it's my weight watcher jacket alright :lol:

    I feel bad for being so picky about every single little thing... but seems like they enjoy the fresh change from doing jackets or bags out of same patterns over and over. At least the pattern maker seems happy he made photos of both my jackets when I wore them,
    hopefully as demanding as I can be... several discoveries with positive result can be carried onto their future projects.

    I can't really tell how the lady doing stitching and restitching feels... probably not so happy :eek:hwell:
  2. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    Aye, it all depends on what kind of person you're dealing with, and the ideas they have in mind so I can imagine the tailor had a blast working with you. This is a fun project and very well thought of. Well, you should know this even better than I do, being an artist but yeah, sometimes I too would get a really picky customers demanding every detail on the picture to be as per their sometimes ridiculous specs. But if the person is passionate and knowledable about what they want, and if the ideas work, I'm all too happy to work this way. Sadly, such people are few and far between...
  3. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    I'm lucky too, that I can communicate what I have in mind through somewhat a drawing rather than words... can't imagine how to describe the jacket I wanted verbally.

    I respect clients who knows what they want and provide me with references about things they want, as much as clients who trusted me whole... what worries me are the ones who don't really know what they want but have strong dislike about many things, or ones who only hint me with very little info and expect me to read their mind, I do commissioned comic and design, but I guess a tailor must have faced the same situation from time to time.
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  4. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many


    OMG I feel like a super hero right now, everything is right, life is perfect.
    I'm done with my leather jacket quest (at least this year...)
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  5. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    Fantastic looking jacket, fits you like a glove. Congratulations!
  6. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    thank you Sloan, it is really does fit like glove. I have to really watch my diet.
  7. MacAero

    MacAero New in Town

    Wow! But well, custom made is custom made And that's a perfect example.
  8. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    Well done! I love that dropped front.
  9. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    That was an interesting journal of progression from thought to finished product. Thanks so much for sharing!
  10. SpeedRcrX

    SpeedRcrX One Too Many

    Beautiful! Congrats!
    Wear it in good health.
  11. BJC88

    BJC88 New in Town

    Congrats, it looks like it fits you perfectly! :)
  12. dan_t

    dan_t Practically Family

    Certainly a unique product!
    Very enjoyable to share the ride with you re this jacket, thanks for sharing.
  13. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    Thanks guys.
    I will update the thread with my brother's jacket, and I'll try to ask my sister to take some pictures with better camera than my old cellphone's
  14. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    I guess I revive this thread with update of my moto goat jacket after 1 month of daily use, and 1 time being wet in the drizzle and dried being worn and wind.
    my-jacket-goat-1month01.jpg my-jacket-goat-1month02.jpg my-jacket-goat-1month03.jpg my-jacket-goat-1month04.jpg

    the creases on the sleeves are set in, I see the neck-shoulder slope has crumbled a little bit not as extreme as new, and on the torso there is interesting ribcage like pattern and pretty much set in, elbow expanded a little bump on it, not much going on the back.

    And my little old bike with me :)
  15. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Practically Family

    The fit is amazing, really shows the difference between semi customs that tweak length and rely on being okay in the body and bespoke as yours. Neat to have a tailor around who works with leather..
  16. Carlos840

    Carlos840 One Too Many

    What is going on in the third picture? Is that an extra panel with snaps to keep the jacket closed without having to zip it?
  17. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    thank you jacketjunkie and Carlos, it was very trim when new, I think I was too aggressive with the hip circumference, couldn't fit on some pants waistband even more with belt so at first it crumpled at the waist a little unable to hang over my hip, but with time, frequent pull, and soaked wet has remedied this situation.

    yes, the middle part has a pair of flaps with 2 snaps where I could use to secure the jacket even when unzipped, and I guess that part together with the chest pockets help to guide the creases formation around the front not planned but kind of neat.
  18. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

    Looks great.
    It must be a very nice feeling when you pull it on to know you designed it from scratch.
  19. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    Thanks Protein, oh yes :)
  20. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    I revived my old thread, since today I visited the leather jacket maker, as the new jacket I ordered is almost done.

    it is a combination of my two previous jackets, taking elements that I like, but the leather is almost as thick 0.6mm but much softer and draping than my first 0.8mm (I loved how thick mine was and its armor like look)
    However this new one is much cleaner in construction, all the zips are covered, almost no exposed stitching, and when I tried it on (it is my size) it looked great/ broken in instantly.
    I ordered it for my brother, dunno if he is going to wear it himself (as my jacket in this model fits him although very snug) or have any other plan with it.

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