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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Hats Matter, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. VinhatFancier

    VinhatFancier New in Town

    Thanks appreciate the welcome.
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  2. Hello fellow kapelophiles (is that word even official?). My name is Alex and I signed up on here years ago after buying my first two fedoras but neglected to follow up with it. I hope to be more active from now on as my hat selection grows! I love a lot of the tips that I've gotten on here so far.
  3. Welcome (back). Looking forward to seeing more of you.

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  4. Kevin Rodgers

    Kevin Rodgers New in Town

    Howdy everyone, name is Kevin, hailing from the evergreen state. Been lurking here a while, checking out every ones hats. Got a locally hand made tweed cap this spring, which led to my first new Stetson straw this summer. Now that I'm enamoured of quality hats there's no turning back. Looking to procure my first good felt in the next month or two. Been enjoying everyone's vast hat knowledge, and will continue to do so a bit more conspicuously in the future.
  5. dive in (-:
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  6. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Welcome,you're in a great area for custom hatters as the hat disease becomes stronger.;)
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  7. Ordered my first Fedora via Amazon Friday.... Chatham Royal - Caribou. Can hardly wait!
  8. Pile right in here
  9. Make sure you give a review and post photos, including photos of you wearing it. I find photos not on the head to be of limited value.

    Welcome to the ever-changing world of Stetson. I'm sure you'll enjoy the hat!
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  10. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

  11. Perry Underwood

    Perry Underwood Familiar Face

    My name is Perry. For the last 16 years, I have lived and worked in Taiwan. I am originally from the US. Currently, I'm waiting for a hat from Texas (my birth state), purchased on eBay earlier this week. It will probably be delivered on Tuesday. I'll write a review after it arrives.

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  12. Welcome to the party. This place is a wealth of hat knowledge. Looking forward to your contributions.

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  13. Caribou is a great color.

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  14. Perry Underwood

    Perry Underwood Familiar Face

    I've posted photos and brief descriptions of two Amish hats I recently purchased. Please visit the "Post Your New Hats Here!" thread.
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  15. Welcome Perry. Hint...
    Watch yer language! No profanity allowed.
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  16. The hell you say!

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  17. bearinfedora

    bearinfedora New in Town

  18. mmbarnes

    mmbarnes My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Welcome, Bear.
    eBay is a great place to find stuff.
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  19. Take a look at the akubra campdraft on 'everyting australian' website, comes in cheaper than the Stetson even with shipping, take about 10 days in the post. Make sure you choose an available colour. Akubras 'tend' to arrive a bit large and shrink to size after you sweat a bit. You can ask them to prebash a crease or get it open crown. There's a few akubra threads and campdraft threads here. It's a similar hat to a strat. There's also a crease bashing thread or two. When searching this forum using Google is handy, just start the query with 'fedora lounge'. welcome to the lounge.
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  20. bearinfedora

    bearinfedora New in Town

    Thanks guys. I don't have problem with buying outside of EU. It is taxman I am worried about. 24% of value to their pockets they demand.

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