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Newer photos of "The Lady Be Good"

Discussion in 'WWII' started by jbmilart, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I stumbled across some new photos of "The Lady Be Good"... the unfortunate B-24 and her crew... lost in the Libyan desert... for 15 years... until a oil survey team found the missing bomber in 1958. I am sure that most of you out there have heard the story or seen the photos of "The Lady Be Good" in the Libyan desert where they found her...now... here are some new photos. It seems that the Gaddafi regime didn't want the WWII American bomber left out in their desert...so they took her apart and transported her to Tobruk, Libya...to a Libyan police compound...and there she sits to this day...but the Libyans didn't seem to care of how to disassemble or for that matter preserve "The Lady Be Good"... instead cutting torches, drag lines and cranes, were the methods of operation! Here is the website I found.
    www.montrealfood.com/lbgpics.html Check it out.

  2. SSuperDave

    SSuperDave New in Town

    Sad. I grew up on stories of her, my father and uncle knew Guy Shelley, one of the crew members. Anyone remember the '70 made for TV version with William Shatner and a B-25? It was called "Sole Survivor". The Lone Star Flight Museum had a 10X10 diorama of her in the Texas Aviation Hall Of Fame, that was sadly destroyed by Hurricane Ike in '08. What has always stuck wih me was that if they'd known where they were, they could have put her down and taken off again in the morning.
  3. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    At least they did save it from all the scavengers! She was being slowly stripped over the years. I just hope she survived the bombings!
  4. Espee

    Espee Practically Family

  5. There was also a Twilight Zone episode based on the story of the Lady Be Good.
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  6. Espee

    Espee Practically Family

    Yes, with Bob Cummings and a B-25... I remember seeing the description for it (in reruns) screwed up to read "B-52."
  7. I remember hearing about that years ago. Interesting to see the new photos. Too bad it couldn't have been somehow preserved!
  8. Phantomfixer

    Phantomfixer Practically Family

    maybe now we can get her back to the USAF Museum????

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