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Old gas stations

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by hatguy1, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. ⇧ It was fun to see the sleuthing solve the mystery of the ghost gas station.
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  2. In a small town called McAlpin, Florida....


  3. In O'Brien, Florida....the "Speed" sign looks to have been a Bay station, at one time...



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  4. IMAG0148.jpg
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  5. Those are great Rob!

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  6. IMAG0150.jpg
    In Ocala, Florida...

  7. Top one is yet another former Shell station, shorn of its "chimney" top. Next to the Teague Texaco that's got to be the most common surviving type of "porcelain box" station. In the mid-sixties, Shell began a relentless campaign to either convert those to the "rustic ranch house" style, which involved cladding the sides and the "chimney" in fake brickwork and wood, or demolish them outright -- but they clearly missed a great many of them.

    We have one here in town that's painted that same Silly Putty color over the porcelain -- it was converted to a Getty in the '70s after Shell pulled out of Maine, and ran without further alteration into the early 2000s, until the operator died. It was siezed by the city last year for non-payment of taxes, and will probably be demolished -- right now it's sitting there empty, a perfect restoration project for some gas-station buff who wants to haul it away and restore it.

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