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Out Your Back Door

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by BobHufford, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Live shots of the Northeast snow storm out my back window right now. A few inches down, they are calling for up to 10".

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  2. After a hard day of yard work, enjoying a beer, waiting for the BBQ grille to get hot. I love this place...

  3. IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0064.JPG Here's the view from our recently purchased beach shack, it's a little one bedroom home that backs onto national park and is less than 5 minutes from the beach. I thought I'd post a pic of the local kookaburras too, they turn up almost everyday demanding to be fed!
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  4. ⇧ Handsome bird, wonderful looking piece of property - the best of luck, I hope you have many, many years of enjoyment from it.
  5. GHT

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    The weather is definitely turning, but the morning still brings freezing fog. It's a wonderful sight, after decades of urban living, to be up at sunrise and to see the New Forest deer. Such shy creatures, rarely seen in the daytime, and only seen at night when picked out by approaching headlights. Soon the New Forest ponies will start to foal, I'll be ready to share that with you.
    New Forest Stag.jpg
  6. Thank you Fading Fast.
  7. The last several weekends have been consumed with major back yard rejuvenation, turning it from a hideous (no, really) jungle into a vegetable garden.
    Pictures when I learn how to reduce their size.
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  8. OK, probably a little too much information to include some of these "before" pictures, but honestly the back yard has been living on promises for about two decades and it was high time to show it some sugar[/ATTACH] driveway corner a_resized.jpg driveway corner b_resized.jpg
  9. another angle
    north before 1_resized.jpg north clean sidewalk_resized.jpg
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  10. last one
    southwest fence_resized.jpg

    southwest from driveway_resized.jpg
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  11. Nice work! I'm sweating just looking a the photos.
  12. 20170511_180816_001_resized.jpg 20170511_180758_resized.jpg 20170511_180833_resized.jpg How does your garden grow...
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    new-forest-pony-and-foal.jpg nfpony-and-foal.jpg new-forest-ponies.jpg
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    The rustic table and chairs are just what we are looking for, keep your security switched on....................... Seriously, we have an arbour, I call it the bus stop, it needs an outdoor bench. I looked up original vintage benches, good grief, they cost thousands!
  15. We bought a number of outdoor pieces from Westminster Teak some time ago. They live outside year round and have held up well.
  16. Reminded me of a grill we bought to cover an air-conditioning unit we have. Without going into all the silly details of why, we needed a certain type of grill about 8 inches wide by 2.5 feet long with slots at a 15 degree angle. It cost us (hold your breath) $400. Made me sick, but it really, truly was the one solution (we tried to get around it).

    But here's the point (if I can dress it up enough to call it that), things are very expensive. The day after our grill was delivered (have to admit, it is very well made and is heavy as a box of bricks), I was in my local bank branch waiting for some help when I noticed that they had about twelve metal vents that were very similar to mine. Hence, even with volume discount pricing, that little bank branch had several thousand dollars in just grills. Now I understand why it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a small bank branch: things are very expensive.
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    My vegetable garden. I abandoned the fire pit and weedy gravel in place and put in raised beds. The mulch started out as a neighbor's maple tree, then became a 6' pile of wood chips in my driveway.

  18. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    This is my garden right now. I have been trying to get rid of it, with an add, advertising free dirt! Only one taker, a young guy, driving a Bronco with the rear roof removed, with a blue tarp put down to keep it out of the cab. He hand shoveled three loads. Every one tells me it is first class road base, yet I am now going to have to pay to get rid of it! I need the space so my mason can pile concrete and bricks, plus his mixer. He wanted to get it done this week, now it looks like the end of the month. The Old Grand Lady is trying to kill me! [​IMG]
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