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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Rundquist, May 4, 2004.

  1. 65 Classic

    65 Classic Practically Family

    Just flew in today Resistol OR style lite ...

    Res.jpg Res1.jpg Res1.jpg Res3.jpg Res4.jpg Res2.jpg Res5.jpg Res6.jpg Res7.jpg Res8.jpg
  2. Awesome looking hat!
  3. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

  4. 65 Classic

    65 Classic Practically Family

    Thanks BobHufford
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  5. 65 Classic

    65 Classic Practically Family

    This is my first Resistol and it will be riding high. You are right OR style Resistols are beautiful.
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  6. Classic 55 year old hat. Glad you like it. Looks like you may be a Long Oval (LO) candidate. Looks good on you.
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  7. My first hat from D'aquino arrived today. So here are my impressions:
    Ordered the hat on November 6th.
    Received it on December 7th.
    Very acceptable.

    Ordered 15-16 cm open crown (5.9" +).
    Received just over 6"

    Ordered brim of 2.75" (7.0 cm)
    Received 2.5"
    Disappointed as I was emphatic on the brim width.

    Ordered "as straight sided as possible with little to no taper."
    Received: very minimal taper.
    Very acceptable

    Ordered a size 62 as I'm normally a 7 5/8 (61) long oval.
    Received: it fits true to size and might require just a bit of reducing tape to be optimal.


    All said, it is a nice hat and well with the price. This is the 100% rabbit fur felt and it was $118.24 including shipping. The detail work is unremarkable at best, but not so bad that it bothers me. The sweat is leather, but otherwise not impressive.

    The felt is very reminiscent of Akubra and on the stiff cardboard feeling end of the spectrum. The "hand" is better and overall I think it's a decent hat.

    Issues: you really don't know what color you're going to get. The shop doesn't have their felt colors set out so the difference between light grey and tan (this hat), and mid grey are left to your imagination. You can ask and they will send you photos of hats if they have them available.

    Which segues into this: don't expect immediate responses to your emails. A week was about my average wait.

    All told, my only real disappointment was with the brim width. I suppose I could send it back, but I like it enough as-is to keep it for the price I paid.

    I'll crease it and post those photos as soon as a Stetson I'm waiting on arrives so I can do some compare and contrast with this hat, a Stetson Premier Stratoliner, and an Akubra Campdraft. (Three inexpensive open crown hats).

    I'm posting this exact same info in the dedicated D'aquino thread so please excuse the redundancy.

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  8. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    Interested to see what you do with it. It's actually a pretty hat.

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  9. You almost sound surprised :)
    I wasn't expecting too much so I wasn't at all disappointed.
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  10. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    I guess I am surprised, it's rare to get your money's worth these days. I have been looking at hats by grizzly on etsy. Looks interesting. Nice to get reports.

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  11. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    I'd say you're right. Gonna be on the lookout for 7-1/4 LO. I dunno where I find 'em, but I'll be looking. :D
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  13. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    My impression in watching the D'aquino thread over several months is that you certainly get your moneys worth and have the ability to get quite a few custom options done.
  14. steur

    steur My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Mike, thanks! They are very nice looking hats and i'm sure I'll find a good home for them. The shop was taken over by Laura Asley by all accounts. I'll have a look next time I'm in The Hague.
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  15. Picked up this '50s Stetson 3X Open Road for $15 at a flea market. Doesn't fit me or my wife, but is from a long-time (now gone) local store, so it will be a wall hanger.










  16. Way cool, Bob. It's great to pick the ones with local connections up.

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  17. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    That is so cool to have the hat and the store it came from! I spent some time in the Ozarks as a kid. I have family in Mt View, Arkansas. Not sure how far away that is from you.

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  18. Thanks Fruno!

    Thanks DD! Mountain View is about 150 miles away. If you go to a family reunion give me a shout!
  19. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    Will do.

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  20. Very nice hat, and those older Resistols are fine pieces. However, because of what looks to me like a raw brim, I wouldn't call it an Open Road style hat. Is it more of a Western or dress weight?
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