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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Rundquist, May 4, 2004.

  1. Looks great on you. Congratulations on finding one you love.
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  2. I really like that hat, and I think the color and the dimensions/proportions suit you very well; maybe better than any other hat I've seen you in so far. If it were mine I'd probably give it a good brushing and otherwise make sure it was clean enough to wear, but wouldn't worry about it's "dirtied up" appearance. First, because I like hats with that kind of character and would want to preserve it's history as much as possible. Second, because if it's already "dirtied up" I wouldn't be concerned if it got at least a little dirtier. ;)

    As for your button/cord questions, almost anyone here is better qualified to answer them than I am but I haven't had good luck with them myself. The cord on my first Campdraft detached itself from the hat the first time I gave it a good tug just to see how reliable it might be, and the cord on my second Campdraft broke (right where it was wound around the button) after a short period of time. Both hats were purchased new, so I've concluded Akubra puts them on for appearances rather than functionality and I'm pleased I didn't wait until my hats might be at risk before putting them to the test.
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  3. From your pictures, it does not look too badly from those rascal moths having a few meals. There have been a few times making a purchase from an eBay seller that we had made and the hat was so badly pitted and with some holes, my husband named the hats "Swiss Cheeser"....LOL! I think at times, it just really depends on where the moth bites are at on a hat, some will have a few here and there and just do not seem to bother the overall beauty of a hat. You hat is still a beauty!
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  4. Your Gems collection is getting my vote for best hat collection on the Lounge. I have been seeking a hamburg in a light or medium grey size 7 1/2 LO for Daniel for years and still nothing...I may have to save up a few months and have one just custom made..but sure wish I could find something like what you keep finding...dreams!
  5. You are getting into Frank Sinatra territory now....LOL!
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  6. It is from the Rat Pack era! Thanks.
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  7. Great looking Twenty. Fine hat in the day. I'm going to have to start calling you "Mr. Finley"! Nice crease work.
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  8. Cindy, Thanks! I am not aware of European Hat companies making LO hats. I have come across 1/2 CM sizes and 1/4 French Point sizes but they are rare and usually pre WWII. You would probably need to tweak a 60cm / 6 1/2 French Point or try to find an 61cm size or 7 French Point size. You may want to check with Daniele. I will keep any eye out.
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  9. Very kind of you...and to think you are willing to "keep an eye out"....(pirate patrol) ! LOL!
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  10. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    Is it cheating to post here rather than start a new thread that won't last? I was going to start a new thread called, "My Knox New Yorker Got a Face-lift," but then decided to just update my info here.

    The New Yorker is relatively new -- I posted here when I got it, and said the hatband was stained. I also mentioned in another thread that I was beginning to work with paracord, and that I thought a paracord hatband might look good. My skills aren't up to snuff, but I found a woman in Australia that makes them to order. So I ordered one. It arrived today:

    The original, with stained hatband

    The new (and I think, improved) look

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  11. ^ I thought it was fine with the original band, but that paracord band definitely "jazzes" it up. That and the hat's overall shape bring to mind the corded bands typically found on Tyrolean hats. Nice!
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  12. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    Al, I wasn't sure I would be able to clean the hatband when I saw it on auction. Now that I have the hat, and found that the hatband was the typical two-hook style, I found I could search for all kinds of hatbands. To date, I haven't found a grosgrain band I like, and I just today removed the old one. Next step is to see if the original can be cleaned.

    But I like the look of the paracord on it!
  13. I prefer it with the original ribbon/pug, but the paracord isn’t a bad look either. I’m all for modifying hats to your personal taste.

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  14. Years ago one of my wife's cousins owned a dry cleaner's shop, and he told us they were able to remove almost any stain as long as they knew what caused the stain--motor oil, food, blood, whatever; different stains required different techniques. Granted, you bought the hat used and it would probably be a bit of a guessing game for you, but a good dry cleaner should still be able to eliminate or minimize the stain enough to make the ribbon more "presentable".

    As for which one to use, I agree with Deadlyhandsome--it's up to you, and they're easy to swap so it's nice to have options depending on your taste/mood/whims on any given day. :)
  15. Every once in a while even a blind squirrel finds an acorn.
    Excellent little worn Adam Executive.
    20180418_140843_resized.jpg 20180418_140909_resized.jpg 20180418_141001_resized.jpg 20180418_141018_resized.jpg 20180418_140534_resized.jpg
  16. There is more of this wrll-loved Tirard Frères "ELF" bowler in the French Hats and Makers Makers thread.


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