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Practical (modern) UNLINED lightweight jacket??

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Fermenter, Apr 16, 2018 at 2:37 AM.

  1. Hi guys, I know this is a bit outside the scope of this forum but if anyone knows clothing it's TFL members! Just to be clear this isn't about looking dapper, this is about general day-to-day getting around in my rural area so practicality is the key.

    I rarely wear a jacket outside of deep winter as most of the time I overheat in them and find them a pain to carry and store. But I've recently had a revelation - the volunteer emergency service I belong to has issued us with new PPE, including a lightweight fire resistant viscose / aramid jacket (zip up the front, velcro cuffs and pockets, reinforced elbows). I love wearing it - the single layer of material adds all the extra wind and cold protection I need when I find myself a bit underdressed in a T-shirt, and the extra pockets are fantastic. It folds up small and is easy to deal with when I'm not wearing it. The only problem is that it is covered in reflective tape and service logos, and it is bright yellow. I've hunted online for a navy version (the most likely available alternative) but no joy.

    Does anyone know of anything on the market, or perhaps some descriptors / keywords that I could use in my quest?!
  2. Kuro

    Kuro New in Town

    Try searching for a gortex shell, or a softshell jacket. Both should be water and wind proof to varrying extents. Neither will be lined, hench the term shell.

    Just my .02
  3. Thanks Kuro, I'll plug those in.

    I actually don't want it to be waterproof though (these new ones aren't) - breathability and quick drying are the main attributes!
  4. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Have you contacted the supplier/manufacturer and requested an unmarked blue or black version?

    It would help to know what the label says - brand and materials - nylon, polyester, etc.
  5. barnabus

    barnabus One of the Regulars

    Definitely softshell I would think. Endless permutations, lightweight, foldable, breathable, the works.
  6. I haven't called the mfr, but they are a wholesale (ie contract) supplier and don't sell direct anyway, so I think that's a dead end.

    I have found a couple of 'safari jackets' that are similar (ie lots of pockets, and presumably unlined) although they seem a touch heavier and are mostly cotton, so not quite the same and they won't be as quick to dry if they do get wet.

    I'm looking at 'softshell' jackets now - a lot of them seem very bodyhugging and they mostly lack the generous pockets and workwear toughness of the fire resistant gear, but it's definitely a line worth pursuing!

    Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it :)
  7. HanauMan

    HanauMan A-List Customer

    I always loved the German army 'moleskin' jackets from the 1960s to the present day. They are unlined, have two outside pockets and 1 / 2 inner pockets. They are fairly cheap and well made. Plus, though you can get them in the German flecktarn camo, the older ones (up to the 1990s) can be sourced in OD or navy. MilTec make modern versions of them in black.
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  8. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    High Vis.jpg Is the jacket you're talking about similar to this?

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  9. That's the sort of think I'd look out for, or maybe something like a bush / safari jacket from WPG. A decent denim jacket might do the job too - unlined, and cheaper versions will be lightweight too. No experience of these modern versions. If that's what you're after, maybe worth looking in hiking and camping shops, as the workwear versions do seem to be tied to the concept of 'safety wear'. Try UK hunting and fishing places too; for all sorts of reasons to do with the very different hunting/shooting/fishing culture in the UK vs the US, there aren't the same requirements to have the fluro patches and such on hunting gear here.
  10. Graemsay

    Graemsay Practically Family

    Fjallraven make a range of unlined jackets out of G1000, which is a waxed polyester / cotton blend. They tend to have a lot of pockets, but won't pack as small as some of the Gore Tex styles. The Greenland and Telemark would be a good starting point.

    I'm not sure if anyone carries them in Australia.

    Arc'teryx do a few casual styles in their lifestyle collection, and there's also their very expensive Veilance collection, which is more technical streetwear oriented.
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  11. Deacon211

    Deacon211 Practically Family

    Have you looked at Gibson and Barnes? They carry a variety of EMT wear, most of which comes unadorned.

    Also some of the tactical gear suppliers like US Cavalry carry all the usual tax gear for EMT, law enforcement, etc. They might have something in a lightweight jacket or anorak that might suit you.

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  12. Flightengineer

    Flightengineer A-List Customer

    Rothco M65 lightweight. I have a beige. Very light, unlined, 100% cotton, 4 pockets.
    It is not very similar to the contract))), but very comfortable in the summer.

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  13. l0fielectronic

    l0fielectronic A-List Customer

    I have a couple of these Soft Shell Jerzees 140M jacket if this is the kind of thing you are after. This model has good sized zippable side and chest pockets as well as a larger zip pocket in the lining. I've found it quite practical when traveling/camping as an exra layer as they're good at cutting out the wind and lighlty water repelant. A lot of places seem to use them as uniform items.
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  14. OldOilPull

    OldOilPull New in Town

    Fjallraven Greenland all the way. They make two kinds, unlined and sherpa lined. The unlined version is the way to go as it is breathable and light enough to be worn in summer and yet is a great winter layer over a fisherman's sweater. Can't go wrong with the colours and the style is just classic. You can pick a used one up on ebay for 50-100 sterling.
  15. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Fermenter, you may have lost interest in this thread but as an Australian why not check out Kathmandu or Snowgum during an upcoming sale? Way cheaper.

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