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Really nice tweed sport coat

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Mario, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

  2. Oh my...that one somehow escaped my attention...
  3. .

    In the vintage dressy menswear scene (what there is of it), pre-1970 tweed suits are very sought-after right now. (Let's all thumb our noses at global warming!) Preferably single-breasted, preferably three-button, and preferably three-piece.
  4. ... and preferably THICK and HEAVY.
  5. So this one has it all...

    Gotta say I have a heart for nice tweeds myself... ;)
  6. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

    I was already watching that one. If the seller's measurements are accurate, it should fit me pretty well; the trousers are a little short, but the listing indicates they could be extended by up to two inches. If I win it and it's in good shape, I'll likely sell the jacket I listed above and settle for just the suit.
  7. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

    I'm just discovering this old style tweed, but I like it, too . . . much more interesting than the more recent Harris and Harris-style tweeds.
  8. Hint! Hint!

    Quite so. I think Marc's got a suit made from a similar tweed fabric. Come to think of it... Marc: I seem to remember that you wanted to post some pics of it... :D

    Oh well, I wasn't surprised at all when I found out that this one doesn't fit me...

  9. Not quite all. It doesn't have a vest.
  10. Mario, I've got a brownish one that's identical to the suit below, except that mine that patch pockets on each chest.

  11. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

    Hint noted! But if this suit goes much higher, it'll be out of my league and I'll have to settle for keeping just my jacket.
  12. This kind of tweed is called Donegal. It's especially handsome, with multicolored nubs of wool.
  13. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

    Thanks (once again) for the education, Marc.
  14. That's alright, I'm very well acquainted with this problem. Either the suits are not my size or the price goes right through the ceiling... ;)
  15. Yes, I guess that's the one. I haven't seen much of it but it was already enough to make me green with envy... :D
  16. Wow...that suit went for peanuts! I cant believe it... Why doesn't that ever happen to me?
  17. Rudie

    Rudie Call Me a Cab

    Because your arms are too long?
  18. Oh, the sleeves ran only about one inch too short so I think it wouldn't have been much of a problem to let them out by one inch. No, the problem was the same as always: the pants. I take a 34" inseam and the pants on this suit are only 28 1/2".

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