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Sew-Along for 2016

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by St. Louis, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Hello everyone,

    Last year I posted a sew-along in this forum because one or two gentlemen seemed to be interested in joining in. I am happy to report that I did meet my personal goals, at least in terms of quotas. In fact I lost track of just how many things I made. The goal was ten sewn or knitted garments, and I think I overshot that by quite a few. I don't always keep careful notes on the dates I finish things b/c some hang fire for months before I put in the last stitch.

    I posted a few projects but never got around to photographing the rest of them. If people are interested I'll try to do that some time. Let me know.

    This year I decided to set up another challenge for myself. Since I tend to do a lot of sewing when I'm in the mood, I thought I wouldn't bother with a quota, but I would very much like to try some of the more challenging projects I didn't attempt last year. So here's my personal challenge:

    1. make an intricately pieced 1930s dress, perhaps something with a challenging collar

    2. I need a few practical garments: one full and one half rayon faille slip; a flannel slip for winter wear; a seersucker bathrobe for the summer; some basic shirts for work.

    3. I'd like to continue building my early 1940s frumpy lady wardrobe (shirt dresses, plain serviceable skirts, that kind of thing.)

    Anyone else interested in talking about sewing?
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  2. Vera Godfrey

    Vera Godfrey Practically Family

    Me! I have several items I need to get off my rear and do!

    And I would love to see what you completed last year :)
  3. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Ok, wonderful! Why don't you make a list & we'll take that as an official challenge!

    Some of the photos are in the earlier sew-along thread. I'll dig that up & will add some new photos as soon as I get a minute.
  4. Vera Godfrey

    Vera Godfrey Practically Family

    My idea is to build a 40's capsule(ish) wardrobe. So...

    at least 4 skirts
    at least 4 dresses
    two pairs of pants
    one pair coveralls for working in the yard
    at least 5 blouses
    at least 5 sweaters
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  5. Vera Godfrey

    Vera Godfrey Practically Family

    I'd best get to sewing! Lol!
  6. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    I'll just call you Iron Woman Vera! Are you planning to do them in rotation, or will you sew them in an assembly line? Even under the best of circumstances it can take me 4 to 6 sewing sessions to make a dress. A blouse can take even longer, if there are fiddly details. How do you plan to set up this marathon?
  7. Vera Godfrey

    Vera Godfrey Practically Family

    Not entirely sure it will all get done this year! Lol! I'm hoping to get a lot done during the summer
  8. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hi - Just posting to say I'll be interested in following your progress, if not exactly sewing along. I do sew, the tartan shirt and flat cap in my avatar for example, but I do it in such fits and starts that I'm not very well suited to "alongs". I am planning to get some sewing done this summer and will be happy to post pictures/updates when I do.

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  9. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Both the shirt and the cap are wonderful! You're obviously quite skilled. My own desultory sewing habit is the main reason I challenged myself to sew alongs recently. I think this should be a no-guilt, no-stress project, so do whatever / whenever you like, and please do post your finished projects!
  10. I would like to do some projects for my children, a preschool girl and a baby boy. Specifically with the plethora of "sheep" themed fabric (flannel and fleece) I have collected since I started sewing as a teenager which fill two Rubbermaid boxes in my sewing room.

    Specifically a focus on jackets, mittens, and hats; all of those are hideously expensive for kids and they need 10,000 pairs of mittens and extra hats because they get wet, one gets lost, they need a set for school, extra to keep in the car, etc. I spent $16 on two sets of mittens for my daughter this past year, and I have this mountain of fleece fabric at home already bought and paid for.

    They won't necessarily be "vintage" however... nothing vintage about plastic fleece... if that is ok I would love to join!
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  11. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks St Louis. Some projects do work out well for me, many more not so much. I haven't tried anything in a vintage way yet, but I would like to do a pair of pants in a pre-zipper days style and I have done the first steps for getting a fit on a tailored jacket. I would really like to turn it into a Norfolk type. And maybe some breeches or plus twos to go with it. I'll have to see how that goes. I will post pics of the completed projects or even process photos if anyone is interested.

  12. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

  13. Ok. So I would like to set a goal of (roughly) 40 projects/ items for the kids for 2016, and one major Christmas craft I've been wanting to make for years (an advent calendar out of pockets from our worn-out jeans). Each set of mittens will count as a project, so if I make 4 pairs of mittens and three hats, that's 7 projects.

    Now just to find a good kids jacket pattern for a zip-up fleece hoodie...
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  14. Oh, I love the idea, count me in!

    I've been planning to build a small wardrobe of 1940's items this year. I work pretty slowly as I can get quite obsessed and picky with construction details, therefore, I'll keep my "to-do" list short!

    - Button-up blouse (view B of Simplicity 1590)
    - Shirt (view C of Simplicity 1692)
    - Pants or capris
    - Skirt
    - Dress

    One of each and I've listed them in order of importance.
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